Selena Gomez & Nick Jonas Sitting In Backseat Of Joe’s Car

Nick Jonas and rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez sitting together in the back seat while brothers Joe and Kevin drive after leaving the Hope for Haiti Telethon out the back of the CBS studios in Los Angeles last night.

Nelena confirmed? Your thoughts?

Cody Linley Haiti Helper

Taylor Swift Breathless Hope For Haiti

Taylor Swift covering Better Than Ezra song ‘Breathless’ on Hope For Haiti. Available to buy on iTunes now! Taylor answering phones with Selena Gomez under.

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How Well Does Demi Know The Jonas Brothers?

Joe Jonas Flying Solo & Reconnecting With Taylor Swift?

+ Video under Joe says him and Taylor Swift ‘reconnected’ skip to 1:31.

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Taylor Swift ‘Today Was A Fairytale’

New Taylor Swift song from the movie, Valentines Day. Available to buy on iTunes now!

Miley Cyrus Helping Haiti

Selena Gomez Heading To Europe


Selena Gomez Facebook updates: I have an over seas trip being planned for the record in late March.. London, Paris, Germany, Spain maybe some additions I can’t wait to come see all of you. I will pass along more details as I get them in. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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End Of Demi & Selena Friendship?

When Demi was asked ‘How’s Selena?’ on her recent UK trip Demi replied ‘Ask Taylor.’