Selena Gomez: ‘My Mom Had Me At 16!’


Selena Gomez‘s mom had her at 16 and at the time, struggled to pay the bills, reports J-14. Selena was born in New York City and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas near her mom’s family.

Mom Mandy Teefey and biological dad Ricardo Joel Gomez, split when Sel was 5. Selena, an only child was raised by her mom and grandmother. Her dad gave her a purity ring when she was 12. Sel and her mom sometimes lived ‘paycheck to paycheck’, but they pulled through.

Selena got into acting because of her mother. ‘My mom did theater, and I love memorizing her lines with her and watching her rehearse. I told her that I wanted to do what she did but on television.’ Thnx oceanup.


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  1. omg my mom had me at age 17 and yes my mom did have to pay all the bills and stuff and my mom and dad spilit up before i was born but yea i still see him
    well i love u selena!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My mom is the best role model in the entire world. She is beautiful and caring. The best mom I could wish for. I wish everyone could have a mother like that. SheΒ΄s supporting me in every single way.

  3. my mom had my sister at 17 and me at 19 and we still have a wonderful life!!! and my mom was not married never was and she is currently seeing someone but she does pay all the bills alone and does not need help

  4. so what if her mom had her at 17 my mom had me when is was 16 years old it doesn’t matter my mom
    is the best and a hard worker,and selena is my rolemodel i love her too death she is amazing
    and demi too there both amazing they are my rolemodels i really look up to them:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. my mom had me when she was mom is 29 and i am 14.i didnt meet my real dad 2 my 4th b-day.

  6. my mom had me at a little young, little old age of 23. but being in a conservative family and conceiving me before getting married, she was kicked out of the house before i was born and my parents split up a litlle after my 1st bday. yeah. mothers can be “only” the super women we know who exists.

  7. idont know when my mom had me

  8. my mum had me when she was 16 but she was pregnant at 15 with me and she had a miscarriage before she had me so she was about 14 when she was pregnant but the bad thing is about having a yung mum is tht all the lads i no fanci her and always want to see her and im like DUDE she is my mom πŸ™‚ but she has good taste in clothes lmaoo πŸ™‚ and she is having her second at 29 so it aint tht bad lmaoo πŸ™‚ x

  9. i think that is really cool tht she has her mom as a role model mine is my grandpa and i to wear a purity ring but my mom got me mine and i just absolutely lov e selena she is my absolute favorite person and she is just so cool<33333333333

  10. My mom had me at 17. And to be honest having such a young mom has it’s ups and downs becasue sometimes she thinks because she’s young she can relate to me and all that. But I wouldn’t change her for the world. My biological father bailed as soon as he found out she was pregnant, so I’ve never know my real dad; My moms partner right now has been like a dad to me practically my whole life. They met at 19 and have been together since =)

  11. My mom had me at 16 with her High school sweetheart and their still together to this day.
    Both my mom and Dad are the two most important people in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    My mom and Dad are both only 32 and I’m 16.

  12. you are very good gorl i love u

  13. My mommy had me at 16 that is weird and my grandma helped her out alot…and my daddy stayed with her but their realationship has been on and off…but now their split for good…but it’s fine

  14. Dalton’s mom is a lame face and i hate her. She was about 20 something when she had her a;sdlkfja;lskdjf.
    Cherie’s mom had her at the big one seven (17). but don’t see her putting that out like its a big deal. she never saw her pops till she was like omg. idk, 14.? Yea, 14! So, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHO!! CRY HER A RIVER, OR TWO, BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET YOUR STUPID SELF OVER IT!
    Young age mothers is in style now.
    Just look at Zion-Benton High School.
    (There’s more freshmen prego than anything else)

  15. im 15, and im having a little boy.:]
    hes due today actually..:D

  16. of Course Selena gomez is latina, Her mom is Latina, Latino/Latina familys are always realy really big and usually do invove a lot of teen pregnancys

  17. also just sayin its practically typical mexican/latino;latina for these type of families especially for the many Latinos who only do it for welfare and foodstamps and other government support that also comes out of our federal tax money so your welcome Latinos, say thanks for causing a lot of people to go poor

  18. ok sorry about that last one also kinda sorry about the 1st one its just I hate being broke I know its not all there fault and i’m sure 90% of the welfare moms dont do that to themselvs on perpose plus there not all Latino;Latina/Mexican

  19. Wow… r u really 15 and pregnant??? You should have waited to have a baby until after you were married but whatever… i hope he is happy and healthy!!

  20. Hi guyz i really luv kids but imma have one when im a bit older say 21 or 22 mum and dad would killed me if i fell preggy at 15 or 16 O WELL i have another 9 or 10 years to go o ya and good luck jesse i hapoe da babys healthy

  21. wow bunch of losers who waste their lifes wen they can acheive to be doctors, teachers, lawyers get the best life then get married and have gud kinds or thats not mabye in my religion mabey with u white ppl thats the problem divorces, teen pregnancys bad stuff like that… 15?! having a baby wth is wrong with u finish school od something gud ur like a child….and ur hjaving a baby i dont think u guys should be proud of ur mothers….they were just too se***** active and aww wanted a baby lol losers asians are succesful not like u ppl oo my parents are divorced…SHEESH! god like wats ur culture?
    damn u whitess!

  22. wow white ppl and their dirty shit?!
    god go learn some values stupid jesus

  23. Selena’s mom is an amazing woman anyways. She’s like my second mom and rocks at it! Don’t embarress Sel and don’t say anything if you have nothing nice to say.
    G-d bless,
    (Selena’s best fwend)

  24. I’ll find you if you’re mean about Selly’s mom!

  25. Hey… All I need to say is her mum was legal however it was a huge responsabilityto take on, as we can see they all pulled out.

    Salena you have a awsome taste of clothes, where do you shop?

    luv Jessica (UK)

  26. Hey guys, thank you for all the nice comments!
    I love you guys!

  27. OMG selena you are amazing!!!!! and your a great singer and actress!!!! i luv you soooo much. and demi lovato your just like selena you rock at acting and singing. you guys are just soooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. First, BOO HOO. Gomez is a wench! Oh my just pure FAKE. Remember lame fans, she may got lovers, but she gots haters. ;D

  30. hey Sel!!!!! i luv u lyk a millions tyms!!!!!!!!!!! U rock!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ e-mail me!!!!! nd once again u rock!!!!!! luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. HeYyY Massive Fann !!! Please Write Back I Watch All Of Your Programs I Love You Xxxx (:

    Mmmm I Love You (; Lol Oh Im 11 And Im Called Shannon Barker Xxx Cya Later Please Write Back !! Xxx
    (; PEACE !!

  32. Ohh Heyya Its Me Again Just Asking do Ya Have Msn Iff Not You Should Soo Get It Then Be Mates Wid Me (: If You Do Ill Be The Hapist Kid On Earth Thanks Oh If You Do My Addy Is

    Love You Selena Xxxx (: Please Make Onee Hahha πŸ˜› Lol Xxx

  33. Hmm Oh Okaii Its Me Again Erm . . Wat Was Gunna Say > . . .

    Oh Yer Erm . . Demi And Selly You Are The Best I Have Posters Of You All Ova My Wall My Acuall Wall Says In Paint Love You Demi and Selly !! How Cools That Lol (:

    Please Email Me And Get Msn Plzzzz I Beg You Lol And You Demii Haa Love You Both Can I Be Your Friends Lol (: Write Backk Xxx

    P.s Its . . . . .

  34. Ohh Selly Tell Demi I Said Hi And I Wont Her To Get Msn Too Haaha Lol πŸ˜› Xxx Cya PEACE !!

  35. douqk,,, u dont know notin about latinos…oh and not all latinos are the same as mexicans,im latin but im not mexican.SO get your story strait. AND its not latins fault u aint got money.WE PAY TAXES! so not all use help from the government.NEXT time u should watch wat u say!

  36. im sorry i got mad at u douqk.but its the truth.and again latinos are not the same as mexicans,its like sayin americans are the same of canadians,or UK.
    theres puerto ricans,colombia,argentinaians,cuban,brazilians, and alot more!

  37. and that goes for every one else that thinks wat douqk thinks about latins.

  38. hey Selena u rock.were are u from?

  39. demi no offense but i dont like u. u cant sing!
    and almost every one i know dont like you ,they all think the same as me. soooo get off the TV

  40. Hi Selena Gomez
    Ur so cool it dosent really matter why ur mum had u at 16 my cousin is 14 and shes had her baby.

  41. My MoM had me at 29 , and my brother at 19. Now I am 12 years old and i still love her she is a great role model for me =)

    And Selena is amazing =)

  42. my mom is my wow in my story my 44 year old mom is single they split when i was two on christmas eve i sleep at his house and on christmas i sleep at my moms im 10 yrs andi live with my mom,17yr old brother ryan,and25 yr old brother eric .eric dosent pay anything to live with us and its very hard on my mom i love her shes my hero.!!!!

  43. hi selena, you r sooo awsom. i realy realy wish i could meet you. you rock my mom had me when she was 16 to. i am 13 and she is 29. i live with my dad. my parents split like a wile after i was born. my dad is 36. i love your close!!! wher do you shop. i would say my dad is my role moddle.

  44. Its Amazing how people take care of kids with the moms are only 16 17 18 and 19 years of age! Most kids end up being adopted because the real mom can’t handle it all. So if your mom had you at a young age and didnt give you up you should be very proud of her and that is was the Selena I look up to you you ROCK!!!!!! Oh and I look up to Demi too both of u guys are amazing role models and your friendship is amazing as well !!!!

  45. I plan on being an actress for Disney so I was looking for info and tips, I was happy to find that Selena and Demi leave coments on this!!! Maybe you will see me l8r!!! bye bye!

  46. btw at the bottom of this of one of the pages, it says: “readers online” I DONT READ! I am…….. yeah! Thants what… I hate reading but my older sister loves it. she can read 4 chapter books in one day i can read 4 words and am officialy board. Sorry if the was random I just had to say it

  47. i like typing on this site….. its like talking to yourself hoping someone will talk back…… sorry for the randomness…. again…

  48. one last post…. how does it feel to be a star? like with so many people who adore you?

  49. Hey Andrea You wanted someone to chitchat with you online right????

  50. Selena and Demi is it really you on the chat thing or is it someone else acting like its you???????

  51. hey you guys!!!!!how did you guys like mine and dem”s movie PPP??i hope you all liked it!!!we have been so busy but i still have been reading your comments and thanks for all the sweet comments and stuff you guys are saying!!!it really means alot to me!!!!FYI ppl: im from texas and will always be a texas girl down at heart. well i love you all!!! i will talk to you again later people!!!

  52. Selena is that really you? or someone pretending to be you. and my mom had me when she was 39 and my dad was 45 but even though they are older than most parents i still love them w. all my heart

  53. I love you Selena!!! your clothes are awesome. when i was watchin ppp i said to my mom: whatever that girl wheres it always looks awesome!! if shes that pretty how come she doesnt play the popular girls like Chelsea and Brooke?

  54. idc she still rocks

  55. Hey Selena ur my role model. I always wanted to meet you. Loved ur movie. I wish I could meet you. Happy 4th of July

  56. Is this the rite time

  57. Omg my mom had me when she was 16 and named me salima that is so ironic but my dad died befor I was born and my step dad met my mom the day I was born like I said IRONIC I sometimes hate it!!‘‘

  58. there was a chick in mt homeroom for school who’s mom had her when she was 12 years old…. not a pretty story…

  59. there is nothing wronge w/ that

  60. i love selena gomez and demi and miley

  61. my mom had me at 14 but we still had a great life i maybe 13 and i am not going to have a baby until i am 20

  62. omggggggggggg selena u r SOOOOOOOOO awesome! and so is Demi!!!!!! I have REALLY wanna meet u guys. I wish we were friends! and I think that it means a lot that ur mom kept u cuz there r some teen moms that wud just give their child up so i totally respect that! ttyl
    luv ya-<33333333333333333

  63. Hey! Selena you are such a role model 2 me and demi is 2! my mom had me wen she was 26 and my dad was 27 she had my bro at 23… i love you selena and demi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  64. oh and 1 mor thing….



  65. Heyy selena,
    I just wanted 2 say ur mom is a really great mom. She made u int a grerat person. I just read the article in star magazine aout how u have a beauty mark and it sows if ur being 2 sexy or not thats awesome i wish everybody had 1 of those. anyways ur so cool

    luv ya,
    hunter(it can be a girls name 2)

  66. HI

  67. Hi Selena! I love my mom more than anything too! She’s amazing and is always there for advice and she’s given me everything i’ve i need! I love you sooo much! You are the most awesomest, amazingest, most beautiful actress ever! I love you! btw, i’m watching Another Cinderella Story right NOW! You did awesome in it! btw, i love your new haircut!

  68. hey selena is that really u talking nor is it another person acting lik u ? i just wanted to say i ,love your clothes can u PLEASE tell me were u buy them PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!
    and can u also e-mail me at

  69. selena, you are my role model! my mom had me at 26 nd my brother at 30.

    i dont wear a purity ring, but i have made a promise to the church. i watch secret life of the american teenager nd that kinda scared me ahaha.

    well selena i love you to deaaaathhh nd demi!!



  72. I appreciate all the fans here trying to support Sel(:

    It’s alright, I know I’m not really that good in singing, but at least I try my best in achieving my dreams:)
    So, for all of you, I hope you all get your wishes and be successful.

    Love you all,

  73. my grandma was 8 we she got married n she was 10 wen she was pregnant 4 my dad!omg such a small age!

  74. yah ,n i almost 4got 2 tell i luv u n am a big fan of u!i answered a quiz in facebook ni got demi i wasnt so happy cuz i thought i wil get selena!

  75. you guys are stupid selena gomez sucks !!!!!!!
    she had *** with nick jonas and joe thats why nick dumped her she is a sl*t

  76. selena is it fun having a mom only 16 years older than you i would that would be pretty cool i also think that you and your bff demi are great singers and you guys made an awesome movie i thought it was great you guys should make a second ppp!
    you guys ROCK!


  77. hi selena! well i saw a picture and found out that your mom had you at 16. well my mom had my sisyer at 15 and me at 17.and mym mom is in prison right now for drug dealing and other stuff that she did a while back. she only has 3 more years though.

  78. oh yeah i spelt some word wrong by accident.

  79. aww…. that’s just sweet. my mom had me at 22. and then my mom and my dad broke up when i was 3 years old. and then my mom went to singapore and i was raised by my grandparents.

  80. My mom had me at 25 or 24, and she got divorced when i was 2. She is the best mom, and was always there for me.

  81. My mom had me when she was 63…she retired the day I was born and we’ve been on welfare ever since.

  82. Selina you out of all of the Disney stars you are my favorite because half of the stars have naked pictures all over the web and your not a pervert like them so I know you probably won’t read this but I just wanted to tell you that you are a good role model and you have made me a better person:)

  83. Hi Everyone just so you know… ANYONE CAN SAY THEY ARE SELENA GOMEZ!! I AM NOT SO UR ALL DUMB!!

  84. I Dont get why ppl think Selena is so cool just because her mom had her when she was 17 big deal and no offense to Stars… but there NOT regular ppl they may think htey r bu thtey r not!! They say there dorks but they just wish they were!! lol PLZ DONT HATE ME I LUV SELENA AND DEMI THEY ROCK!! i just wanted to say that

  85. Wow. Reading through these, and there are so many different opinions. i agree with demi (if it’s really you). No one really cares when her mom had her, she is a great role model and became very successful. Your ah-mazin’!!! <33

  86. gosto muito dela,uma Γ³tima atriz……lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  87. gostaria de te conhecer selena…..hehehehe,,mas moro longe de mais.mas sei q nada Γ© impossivel

  88. selena gomez rocks and it realy does not matter on what she talks adout SELENA GOMEZ ROCKS & RULES AND IF ANY ONE SAYS DIFFRENT THEIR RUDE & DUMB

  89. Hi Selena mom rock because they r so cool. they give u any that u want but i did to have good grade i do have good grade it why she buy me any thing.

  90. heyy selena moms do rock

  91. hey Selena!

    I’m sure you mum is as awesome as ever! All mum’s are and they are there when the times get rough and even when everything’s going ok.

    I just wanted to say, like some have said before… you have a GREAT taste for clothes! You look good in whatever you wear!!! xx

    Take care and good luck for the future Sel


  92. Helloooo People I Just Wanted To Say … I Am Selena Gomez I Dont See Why You Guys All Fake Me Its Like Wth Its Soo-ooo Annoying. You Guys All Rock I Love You Just Pleaseee … PLeasee STOP Trying To Be Me !!

    Ty ….. x

  93. Hey selena I am a big fan and jus wanna say good luck with everything

  94. Btw every1 at my school is fake… I have alwaysbeen myself and will always be myself

  95. my grandma had me when i was 5

  96. Selena i think you are such an inspiration,that you reply to all your fans and are so enthusiastic

    and plus your gorgeous : )

    keep doing what your doing.

  97. Hey selena i love it that you reply to all your fans, you are such an inspiration.

    and you gorgeous

    keep doing what your doing.

  98. Selena,

    I think you are an amazing person and wonderful artist! You are such a great friend. People should not judge you because your mom had you at such a younge age! I really enjoy all my time with you and hope that in the future we will be able to hang out. So all you who keep saying rude things to Selena, it doesn’t matter because she has real friends who will catch her when she falls, and she knows she’s too good to let those things bother her.

    You rock!

  99. Selena rocks my socks!!! All you haters are wasting your time! Quit hating on this awesome girl! Start loving how awesome she is!

  100. hey im a big fan. i can ony watch your shows at my bffs house cuz im not allowed 2 hav cable. or direct tv or anything like that. ive been looking for a way to give you commets or tell you what i think of you. i think you rock. and i think your pretty. im 11. how old are you exactly? last i knew you were 17 ithink. right? anyway i just wanted to tell you U ROCK!!!! and my fvorite show that i hav seen u in is wizards of waverly place.

  101. awsome i said somthin after Joe Jonas! if that was REALLY him.

  102. srry i keep saying stuff over and over but i just wanted to know if people were really alloed to cuss on here. that should be illegal! srry

  103. O.M.G
    Selena and demi are my idols !!!
    I dont know what age my mom had me , but all my friends think she is the coolest mom eva by the way she dresses compared to their moms it is so cool?



    P.S =


  106. Maybe her mom did make a mistake and prolly regret it one day but i have to say that she gained something really nice.selena. and even though her mom had her at an early age that dosent mean her mom cant be her role model. her mom was strong enough to raise her and give her everything she needed. i bet selena always had everything she needed. what if your mom had you at 16. i bet your mom would still be your role model.

  107. Hey, everybody!
    It’s me, the REAL me!
    i’d prove it on here, by telling you my e-mail but this is SOO public! So, for my email, and phone number go on this site called!

    Anyway, STOP being mean to Selena she’s a really nice girl with an amazing mum. She’s my best friend and I hope you like the movie we made together, PPP!
    And yes, stop pretending to be me.

  108. wow, i really don’t even like disney stars all that much, but i think that you two are most def the best!
    selena, you’re like, gorgeous and a you have the cuuuuutest clothes!
    and demi, i don’t think you suck at singing! and lots of people wouldn’t even bother trying because they’re afraid of failure, but i most def give you your props for going for your dreams! and someday when i’m a sylist to the celebs, i hope i get to meet you guyss!
    scarlette (which isn’t actually my real name lol)

  109. selena gomez i just whant to ask u how old are u

  110. Hey, Is that really you answering Selena, and Demi, Because if it is you guys are awesome!!!! You guys are awsome and I hope we can talk more!!!! God Bless.

  111. πŸ™‚

  112. πŸ˜›

  113. Hey Selena (and Demi)
    You guys are SOOO GREAT! Your both my role models! (BTW: Demi you can SO sing!) Don’t let people put you down! =( I think its great you repling to your fans.
    I hope i can meet you someday and be as sucsessful! Love you guys your AWESOME! Good luck in your career in the future! x
    Ashlea x

  114. Hey Selena!

    I’m Shaz and i live in UK
    ummm i just wanted to say that u r my role model
    and u r sooo pretty and u have a gr8 voice…
    in my school i’m in choir and i’m always getting solos
    coz EVERYONE say dat i’m a really good singer!I’ve been on Britain’s got talent but couldn’t get through ‘coz i have an Indian passport. If possible,it’s my dream to meet u or just even talk to you so if ur reading sel,plz try and get in touch with me!!!I’ll be waiting!My e-mail is plz plz plz try to get in touch…

    From ur #1 Fan

  115. hi selena my name is arionna im only 7 years old i am one of your hungs fans i love you

  116. hey selena i read the story and it got my eye and guess what my mom was 16 when she had me to and my parents broke up when i was 6. and i also was raised in grand prairie , texas to and guess what i am on tv also becuause my mom was into acting to. we have so much in common and i am your number one fan and i do not ce what anybody else says. i even remember all your lines from barney and wiz. of wav. place.

  117. πŸ™‚ my mom had me.. when she was 32.. lol

  118. My mom was 34 and my dad was 43 when they had me… They are 51 and 60 now, and I’m only 16.

  119. hey i was just looking through the internet and found this site and my mum had me at 30 but here in the u.k people have kids really young like 13 14 which is awful but i love selena gomez but in the u.k we dont see all the wizards of wavely place before the Americans but all new episodes is coming out its called wizards on deck with Hannah Montana dose that make me old news. but oh well. I LOVE AMERICA (but ive only been the once)

    love from olivia Johnson Cardiff Wales Briton

  120. really your mom had you when you were sixteen

  121. ha ha i love selena.

  122. you`re the best and I am your most beatiful.looking your film another cinderella story reali is super.

  123. omg i love selena she has to be the best disney actor ever!!!

  124. HI everybody! I ❀ selena and demi they seem like such cool peolpe and it is my dream to meet the real them and become an actress myself, sadly my parents like me to keep my feet on the ground and 'steady job' are their 2 favorite words. But nothing can crush my dream, not even a wrecking ball, I heart u guys and think you r awesome at what u do!

  125. selena por favor agregame a tu e-mail.
    Tu fan:Francina
    y mandale un beso a Demi y Miley

  126. my mom had my big sister (now 23!) at her 16 too!

  127. Hi Selena! You are so awesome i love you! My mom Is Caring And I love Her! I Wish I Can Meet You In Person! ❀ U Selena!

  128. By the way im your BIGGEST fan My WHOLE ROOM Is decorated with posters of you and the wizards crew and my room has wizards of waverly place walls! I ❀ u YOUR AWESOME!!

  129. Sorry selena that was my little brother! But my room is decorated with wizards of waverly place stuff and i am your BIGGEST fan. I have the bed sheets curtains all of that and even posters! I love u and the wiz crew! Plz give me your email! Say hi to miley and demi for me!! Love you and your show!! Bye!! πŸ™‚

  130. Hey Guys!
    I feel so happy that i have so many fans!
    I love u guys! Unfortunetly i can’t talk to all of you prsonally on such a public website but it’s ok.I just wanna say one tiny thing that can u guys really stop pretending to be me?It gets kinda annoying.
    See ya guys!


  131. hmm………………

  132. hi i just wt to say selena you are the best and i love you i wish i can see you in person you rock!!!!!!!:) you got my E-mail

  133. i think you rock and god bless

  134. Dear Selena,

    My mom abandoned me when i was 3.
    And life has been having a lot of down sides, never the ups. My dad got in a car accident when i was 3 1/2 on purpose. It was like he wanted to be with her and just dump me, like my mom did. I lived with my grandma until she died. which was 5 years ago, when i was 10. Now im 15, and live with my best friend, Haley.
    My mom had me at 16, and she left me when she was 19, and i was just 3. my dad kept telling me she was sleeping out because she had vacation time for herself.Quickly i relized that it was all a lie. A week b4 my 4th birthday my dad got into a car accident and i was forced to live with my grandmother. i miss my family, but all these years i’ve had the worst birthdays ever. When i turned 10 my grandmother died, along with my grandfather. I lived with my best friend ever since, and cry every night. I watch these fiction movies about being left or their mothers dieing, but no1 can relate to this non-fiction life. i’m hoping to have a son or daughter of my own by the time im 16. your are my role model, and i hope my daughter becomes just like u.(thats if i have one)
    I think your mom made a great decision haveing a child at 16. she made a perfect girl, and she survived and prooved to people tht teenagers can take care of themselves with some help.
    x0x0x0 Stephanie!!!

  135. Selena,

    My boyfriend and I are going to adopt a little boy and girl tomorrow. We are soo excited. Even tho we r very yung,(16), we love kids and deiced to adopt. our relashioship is strong and have been together for 2 years ever since we wer 14. our little girl’s name is going to be selena, our boy will be dustin.
    i admire ur mom and u.
    x0x0x0x0x0 aubrey,tiffany, and chelsea!!! luv u

  136. hi!!!

    okay 1st of all………..people can have kids when their in their teen years..but not the 13 age. thts just rong. I just had a little girl a month ago. and her name is desire. she has the cutest hair and the cutest eyes. her first word was mommy, her second was basketball but she says it lk bayball. shes sooo cute. and she just said Alex(selena’s charcater from wizards) about 1 hour ago!!! Im so proud of her!!!

    she says hi to all u people out their!!!! and even though im a a tomboy/girlie girl i still take care of her. im 16 and was pregno when i was 15. my dad said bye and just kicked me out when i came home with my mother and desire. So im leaving with my mom in a hotel! its a great life so far. and desire loves it. love u selly!!!

    xoxoxo bye!

  137. Hi !

    ITS me AGAIN. but this time my mom really wants to tlk about my life in her own description! here it is:
    hi. i had my daughter when i was 15, young age, i did not encourage my daughter to have a child, but MY mother did. My mother wants great grandchildren and will do anything to get them. I’m proud of my daughter and i’m proud that i CAN leave her now, and go back home. My husband and i are getting a divorce becase of the way he treats me and his daughter and his grand-daughter.Lia will stay here in the hotel and i will move on but still check on her. i believe in her tht she can live by herself now. she had a scholorship to college so ik tht she can make it. love u sweethearts!!!

    love always mommy.!
    now this is desire..typing!!!

    jthrgrjfejedddejrh01938….her hands r very fat like mine were when i was a baby. she is chubby and i love her tht way. love u guyzz bye now!

  138. Hi its me AGAIN…….. i know i keep making comments but i just love to type. and desire just luvs to watch me type. so heres a very long page about my life. starting from when i was 14.

    when i was 14 i had a ver ynice boyfriend for 3 months. but we quickly broke up because we no longer had anything in common and our lives were becoming to complicated to stay together. when another month went by one of my best friends,Derek, asked me out to the prom i couldn’t help myself but say yes. we’ve been dating ever since. the 4th month we decided we were going to be together forever, and here we r. when we visited my grandmother twice a week she kept saying i want great grandchildren go have a kid in my room, who cares anymore, u’ll be together forever. our responce always was, we know we will be together forever, but lets wait until were 15. so on my 15th birthday she pushed me and Derek into m room and gave us the longest speech in the world. we kept telling her we have guest maybe next week. next week came and we had enuff of my grandmother’s speeches so we just had a kid.
    10 months later Desire came. we knew her middle name was going to be after my grandmother because she was going to be a big part of her life,clearly, so she became Desire Tina. we are soo happy with her. she is the best child ever. derek is going to move in senior year. Desire always misses her daddy, her chubby hands always wave out windows to strangers and she always wants to be carried, which i do not mind at all!! i love kids and i always bring her to work. my manager doesnt mind me carrying her around as i seat tables or answer phones. i love her and my family.

  139. okay 1st of all Lia, its not okay for teens to have kids!!
    my mom had me when she was 29……so selena ur mom is clearly a s***!!!! and im using my friend stephanie’s email so dont like track her down for my meanness!!!! and btw lia Desire probobly has downsindrom!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha!! and ur bf probboly will dump u 4 me by senior year!!! i may not know u but idc!!!!!and demi lovato rules!!!!!!!! she is the real princess and it shows in ppp!!!! so selena ur mom is a s word but im happy she had u because i would’nt have a role model!!! bye

  140. gwenn my daughter isn’t perfect no1 is. okayyy? so dont think u r!!!! no1 is!!! and my daughter doesnt have downsindrom….my older brother has autism so it isnt
    funny when u make fun of people like tht okay??
    so quit it!! and my boyfriend luvs me!!!!
    look at tht ur making desire cry!!!! so bye u little meany!
    its very hurtfull when u tlk like tht!!!

  141. OMG!!! Desire is doing great. And i hope some1 will tlk back to me. its just relli fun tlking on this website. luv u selena and so does desire

    anyways Derek is taking Desire to chuckie cheese to i’ll be here all day pretty much! some1 please type to me! oh and i have an aim its, darkblueeexx3

    I/M me!!!!

  142. hey selena!!!!

    My boyfriend,Ryan, and I adopted yesterdsay. We have a little boy named Dustin and a little girl named Selena and her middle name is Alex from wizards!
    we are probobly the happiest people on earth right now. she is only 1 1/2 and dustin is 2 yr.s yesterday. we are very happy.

    xox0x0x0x0x0x0x0 Aubrey,Ryan,Dustin,and Selena!

  143. love isnt love till u give it awayy. we all give. yes gotta give to make a change send it on on and on.
    be apart be part .
    just spark starts the fire.
    shine and send it on.


    LMAO!!!!!! DESIRE ALWAYS says type type type but she says it in the cutest baby voice of all!!!!!! she cleary is the best daughter for me. she is just like her father and my grammy. But she cearly haz my looks.(no offense Derek) were planning to have another kid when we r 20 or married. the concept isn’t very fun, because it is very scary when ur giving birth, u never know if ur going to need a sea section or something gross like tht!!!!! be happ and have fun aubrey!!!
    sincerley Lia,and,Desire!!!

    Catherin: shes clearly nutz so sorry about tht. anywho, my grandmother liana had my mama when she was 11. so im relly scared to say how old my mom was when she had me……13!!!!!!OMG IM SCARED
    Riley: im teh only normal one =)!! my mom had me when she was 14. okayyy! bye

  146. my mom had me when she was 14 and my brother at 19. shes still married with my dad. i love her so much because at an early age she managed to be a great mother and wife

  147. heyyy selenaaa,

    ilyy soo muchh +demi you 2 are great!!!and such good matees i wish i had a mate i could trust like youuuu twooo:) anyway i luv yu sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchh .xxxxxxxxxxx and selenaa i love your new oh oh oh its magic song its gratt !!!!!!!}

    lyy soo mucch

  148. Hey guys,it’s me Selena Gomez! I’m really thankful for all you guys posting on this website!! I love you all soo much too!! =) Demi says hi,and Thanks for all your support and Comments! I just wanna say good luck to jesse and Lia, and Aubrey!!! I’m really sorry about evrthing Stephanie!! Good luck,and remember dont force your dreams let THEM come to you!!
    xoxxxxx Selena,and Demi!!

  149. Hey guys,It’s me Lia!!!
    Desire is like really thrilled about her birthday coming up,which is In NOVEMBER!!! lol,she is going to be 3,and she is very excited!!! They grow up sooo fast!!;( but If you raise them the right way the will be what u want them to be!!! “Life Is like an hourglass it fades away,way to fast,you’ll never know when the last grain of sand is gonna drop so live u life the way you want” I wrote that poem In school this year. I’m going to GEORGETOWN!!!! Derek,AnD Desire,are always supporting me!! They are staying in a ver ynice hotel ,and visit everyday!!!! I love my family and friends!!

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo Liaaaaaaaa Mariah !

  150. I could possible be youre # 1 fan Plz give me your email! Say hi to demi for me!! Love you and your show!!

  151. I really luv you mor than i can say please give ur email to me. ur very pretty, cute and sey

  152. omg i think selena is the best and she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty and thin and sooooooo like how i want to b when i grow up.
    rock on selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  153. sry plz ignore the one at the very end of my other comment):

  154. selena rocks and i think that she is veary good looking and i realy whant o meet her in person

  155. Hi Selena!
    I am going to be 13 in December and i really like you alot. I have spanish and black in me from my mom and white from my dad. I have never had a boyfriend, but yet i break guys heart by turning them down on dates……… so my question to you is how old were you on your first date and was it true love?
    I really, like how you and your boyfriend looks together, Taylor is the cutest.

  156. My mom had me when she was twenty years old but that does not matter…….my parents are split up and i live with my mom grandmother grandfather and also with my stepdad but i go with my dad almost every weekend …………………SELENA U ARE THE BEST

  157. alright banana towards the top. a lot of women get pregnant when their teens and they give there child a great life and have good jobs. I had my baby girl when I was sixteen and I’m now 19 I’m married to the same guy that I lost my viginty to and have my girl with he has a good job and in the spring im going to college to better support our family. Age doesnt matter, the only thing is they just have to grow up sooner. Teen mothers work hard and single mothers If they have to work and then come home to take care of a baby and then go back to work plus cook clean go to school and pay the bills. Its not a sob story its people tell other people how they feel. Selena should feel proud of her mom even if she was a teen mom. So why dont you stop talking about stuff you probably dont know anything about. And your race has nothing to do with it im sure that people in asia and other places have teen pregnancys. The youngest person in the world to have a baby that lived and had a real pregnancy was 5 and she was from some foreign country her mom took care of the baby untill she was old enough but its not just whiteys or whatever you used anyways thats all i gotta say for now.

  158. hmm… I HATE U …and one day i’m gona to say thet in your face understood…:P:D

  159. i love you selena gomez best are wonderful singer.i love you amazing younger singer my love

  160. I realy love you Selena and i wish to meet you some time and if you give me your email it will be awsome


  161. you rock!

  162. there is nothing wrong with that selena

  163. I think it’s VERY funny how everyone here is like “Oh, so she had a baby at 16, so what, it’s cool”

    I’m sure if MILEY had been born to a 16-year-old, it would be a SCANDAL. Just like Miley’s bikini pics and Vanity fair pics (omg you can see her shoulder I’M FAINTING) are outrageous, while Selena can goof around in bikinis and pose however she wants to and wears hotpants shorter than Miley’s and Selena’s still the “angel”.

    I love Selena, not so much as a singer, but I love her acting and she’s pretty. I just hate these double standards.

    Oh and if I’d gotten knocked up by the age of 15 and given birth to a child at 16.. well it’s hard and you need to be strong..

    but it’s not exactly something to be proud, now, is it.

  164. okay, ya no what whoever says demi and selena cant sing, well ya no what, just go like fall in a ditch! because they can sing, and really well! and you should admire selenas mom for having a baby at 16!!! yea, maybe she made a mistake, but she brought selena to the world! you would never know what she went through so back of please!
    -love you selena and demi!!! ❀

  165. selena you are the most hot girl i ever seen in my whole life

    you are sexy

  166. my Email is

    leave me a replay

  167. my mom had me at 16 and she wasent maried

    my grandma was mad and she was so mad that she got a tattoo

    my mom has a belly ring and a nose ring and a lots of tattoos and she smokes and she sexes with my dad that is 26 years old my mom is 25

  168. i love selena n demi but i dont beleave u lot them i mean y would selena call her fans dumb its true n y would demi say : I’ll find you if you’re mean about Selly’s mom its not right or is it?? ily selena i got to rite a report on her anyway so any info would help

  169. u rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. i think that when you have your parents its tha best thing that can keep you strong mi my mother had me at a young age she werked 3 to 4 jobs a week but i was really ungrateful once inawhile to her i regret that because when my dad left it suck but years after that my mother died and so did my dad 3 years atfer she did but its a strugle but you get though it but like i read the first 5 postes so i decited to post mi opinon im just wanted to get it out hopefully n since ive lost my parents i rember my mom told me i can do anything i belive in so now im just trying to start a new life im trying to get my acting carrer in motion its hard ill tell you that but i have faith my mom has my back and im doings this for her and no one else well maybe me to lol but i just wanted to say something thats all you girls or guys help me get it out i just wanna thank you nand im whoever this selena gomez is i just wanna thank you for helping me get it out well alrite im out thanx

  171. Amazing!
    Americans are mating and reproducing at a fast rate.Young teens and tweens are impregnated before marriage.
    Its OK if you’re a teen and have married and are having kids.But geez,you guys have so much premarital sex,Im surprised that every person doesnt have atleast four or five kids from different guys!LOL!
    Its funny reading about you guys cos every time I do,Im reminded of the old,uncivilised times!You guys are just like the people from Stone Age!Reproducing at will! πŸ˜€

  172. I love you more than any one in the world selena i love your acting singing and i would love to meet you i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. Hey Guys!
    I hope u all had a great summer holiday! I know I did…
    So sorry i’m replying late but you know being a celebrity and shooting can make me really busy.I read a load of ur comments and i think ya’ll are soooooo sweet!Thanks for all our support

  174. Whoops! I meant thanks for all Your support.I accidently missed out the y.soz
    See ya

  175. my mom had me at 15 real serios luv u selena!!!

  176. This is to: Banana

    I wish you would shutup! just because were white, does NOT mean we do all the bad things! stop being racist! and i never had anything against asian poeple at all. its not right for you to have said that. and i bet asian poeple get pregnant at an early age too! everybody is a living human being, it doesnt mean whatevr religion you are or culture or whatever- it doesnt mean that anybody does anything worse. were all people and al make mistakes! geez. i really dont appreicate you saying that about us..or anybody else. i dont put up with all that crap. but because im christian, and a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, i’lll forgive u.

  177. I love you Selena

  178. hey selena just thought you could help me out im going to go to the celebrity talent academy in london do you think that is a good idea?write back on this website please thank you

  179. and please e-mail me selena my email is


  181. Hi again it’s me Sam. I just wanted to say that yesterday I didn’t have enough time to talk!!!! Demi and Selena you are my role models you are the vest people in the world!!!!! I love your music, oh gotta go, mom’s calling me for dinner.

  182. oops i ment best

  183. selena!
    oh my gosh i love you soooo much!
    you and demi are the BEST!
    ii like that your mother kept you! she must be really brave! my sister had a baby at 16 too! her boy friend is out of school and is studying to be a fire man. i am very proud of them. oh my sister just had the baby like a week ago…
    and stephanie im very sorry about what happend!!
    i am very very sorry!

    p.s. i dont like miley cyrus because she does very inappropreate things….

  184. Hey you guys!
    Thank you for all of your nice comments!
    oh and Shea tell your sister good luck.
    i love you all and i please stop trying to be me its annoying.


  185. hi selena!
    frankie says hi too.
    how are you!
    i know i havent talked to you in a while.
    why dont we get together one day?

    p.s. sorry this is on such a public site. i will call you in like 10 min. i lost my phone.

  186. hi selena i whent on say now and it would ot let m make 1 becaue i am only 12 but please email me back sry tis is on a public website πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxxx

  187. hi kevin please say hi to joe ! πŸ˜€ xxx

  188. selena if im in the uk say its 8am for me then fo you it will be am =] xxx

  189. please email me selena

  190. selena if im in the UK and its 8am then it is 12pm midnight for you in the USA (california)

  191. oh hi samantha!

  192. Hey Selena. im a massive fan of yours ur a idol 4 me and my friends!!!!!!in a way it would be fun having a mum who is 16 coz u can go shopping all the time. but in a way its bad! how do u feel .

  193. plez email me

  194. hi selena and my name has no h it is in another language its in lithuanian πŸ™‚ xxx email me please selena and please say hi to demi x

  195. one more things selena can i call you selly ? and could you wish jack a happy loving birthday for me please thaks xxx πŸ™‚

  196. sweet dreams selena Xxxx… Zzzzzzzzzzz

  197. hey selly,
    hows school?
    What are you up too?
    πŸ™‚ xxx
    ps.sry this is on a public unless you email me
    xxx samanta

  198. selly your an angel xxx

  199. Your a pig selena !

  200. thats mean miley! seleana is a verry nice girl and i know just by talking to her she is wonderful and so not a pig! miley if you think she is a pig then you are a pig! πŸ˜› ps selly your lovely xxx samanta πŸ™‚ ❀

  201. sweet dreams selly xxx
    ps demi too xxx
    samana xxx

  202. oops i ment samanta not samana

  203. he selly im wtchin wizards with the genie πŸ™‚ xxxim gonna go hospital at 11 to get my rigt hand exrayed πŸ™‚ xxx bye

  204. dear selly and demi,
    sweet dreams xxx

    samanta πŸ™‚ xxx

  205. Wow,

    Talk about being cyber stalked. Post once and, if there is a reply, then reply to that. There is no good reason for it to be the same person straight for five posts. Just because you are continuously posting does not make it any more likely you will receive a reply. Please, use your common sense. Also, Even if it is the stars themselves posting and replying on this site, they would have to be crazy to give personal contact information to people they didn’t know.

    Happy Holidays,
    Carrie Wilkie

  206. hey sell,
    what are you up to?
    how was school? (home school for you and demi)
    sweet dreams selly an demi xxx
    samanta x

  207. Hey selena hey Miley!! r u guys best friends

  208. hey!! how old were u wen u ad ur first bf?

  209. Hey sell you mind calling me? I sent you and email with my number there πŸ™‚ xxx

  210. πŸ™‚

  211. Carrie wilkie or whatever the he’ll your name is… God knows who you but seriously there’s no need foe your commentary on what the posts or how many of them there are. At the end of the day it has fuck all to do with you. Samanta is my younger sister and I don’t take kindly to some bitch trying to slate her she is 12 for fucks sake go pick on someone your own age you tramp otherwise you will have me to answer to you. How about you jog on love yeah? Ok. Good.

  212. Hey sell x call me please I left you a missed call on your international English number πŸ™‚ xxx

  213. Hey Guys!
    I had a great weekend, did you?
    Hope you guys are rocking it out there!
    Live life to it’s limit! See ya later…

  214. Me too sell please call me I will leave you a missed call

  215. Sell I left you a missed call
    on your English international number
    please call back
    sell when you phone my cell I will whant to ask you 3 question
    1 how did you becom famouse
    2 how was the consert
    3 what did you do for your first audition
    see you later sell…….

  216. Selena find my name in facebook please look at my photos:)………..

  217. Hey sell,
    wanna meet up tomorrow?,
    I got a new number call me,
    see you later……

  218. Jkin I’m the fake demi lovato :p but this is her real email. or . Com.

  219. do you really love us?

    because we really do love you
    do you belive that some times i dream about you
    that me and you are in love and we live together
    and be together all the time i wish that comes truth

    please if you are interested in us just send me a message so i know that you care about your fans
    it’s just a message

    good bye my angel

  220. my email is :
    { }

  221. sorry i said it twice

  222. you are much beautiful than Miley cyrus and every girl of American actresses

  223. Hey sell,
    I can’t belive you are going to be doing another concert how are you not tired? (:
    lol any-way u have to memorize 3 paragraphes in other words a whol page for my drama class (: it’s quit a lot by I will pull through. (:
    sweet dreams selly & demi xxx
    samanta x

  224. Hey sell
    what are you up to? (:

  225. dear sell,

    merry chritmas!!!
    have a happy christmas and a fun night (:

    from samanta xxx

  226. merry chritmas sell

  227. Dear sell
    how’s Dallas?
    What are you up too?
    Sweet dreams xxx

  228. who are you samanta?
    and do you know sellena

  229. to zac,
    i kind of know sell,
    and im not telling you wo i am that is givng away my info so yea.

    dear sell,
    how california? and how are you?
    how was the parade?
    love samanta xxx

  230. sorry i meant who not wo (:


  232. Hey selena,
    hows it going?
    Hope you are haveing a awesome time!!!
    Love samanta xxx (:

  233. Hey selwna can you call me please i left a missed callon you english international number thqt i found on say now thank you xxx

  234. Hey selena hows it going i keep dreaming. Im in america lol and if someone is watching a film and the setting is in america straight away i say san fransisco! Callifornia! New york! I just know where the setting is well anyways merry christmas. X and have a happy new year!!! (: love samanta

  235. Dear selena,
    please write to me at rhis email where you live in california i live in the uk and i hate it but i realy wpuld love if ypu could take me to a recording studio in ca i would beg my mum to buy us tickets to travel to ca please my email is and my phone number is 07894 583316. Thank you sooo much selena love samanta x

  236. Sorry wrong number email is write though

  237. hi how are you Selena Gomez i love you cause you
    are so talented Selena here is my phone number
    so you could call me 403 293 6764

  238. well my Aunty’s Bestie was 14 when she had her first kid and she had her a week after her birthday too

  239. i love u selena my mom didnt have me at 16 but im a big fan of urs! i just bought ur cd ur new one and the wizard of waverly one! i have alot of posters of u and demi lavoto (but u mostly!!)

    Byr love lindita!!!!!!

  240. luv ya sel mabe ill become famous in the future

  241. lolllllllzzzzzzzz

    tis was a bumpa sticka on myspace:

    im not random im just …. OMG do u like tacos

  242. Hello selena, I can relate to the parental divorce. i must say the influence that you have on many people is amazing. So Ms.Gomes have any pointers for a young actor trying desperatly trying to be discoverd? Write back ? Please, Stephen [stefan]

  243. hey selena,
    its samanta please call me here is my number 07894 583316 thx sel xxx

  244. hey selena,
    its samanta please call me here is my number 07894 583316 thx sel xxx please call me x

  245. hi selena…
    i am a fan and really like you’re music and i respect u and ur mom for having u at such a young age! i will always be a fan and i love demi too!!! i think that its so cool how u and demi are best friends and are both famous!!! i’m not really sure if the real Selena and Demi are actually reading this but its worth a shot!!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

    Love always,
    Alexis Roessler

  246. hi selena,
    i cats buy your new album kiss and tell πŸ˜₯
    it is not relesed in the uk yet,
    i wasso upset i whent to the shops with my frind today searched the whol shop and noting then i whent to ask and they said you can only buy it n the usa or in central lonon there are to shp but i dont live in central london so i cant get i. 😦
    well sweet dreams selena love samanta xxx

  247. Everyone has their own opinions but some shouldn’t be said. I hate it how people say really nasty stuff about other people who they don’t even no. For people in the media it’s alot harder to grow up or have anything private because with one toe out line the papz are on them like a shot. It’s just pure jealousy.

    Be nice guys,


  248. my mom had me at age 19 n my dad is never realy around but it doesnt matter i am proud of my mom she raised 4 kids by her self n i look up to sel n dem i love them alot i realy want 2 see them in concert

  249. Selena you ROCK! You are my role model! I don’t care how old your mom was when she had you! I still think you are the best!

  250. Hey selena
    tasha is right it must be hard for you
    and i realy whant to meet you and demi
    your album kiss and tell is not released in the uk yet will it be released though because i think your amazing xxx samanta

  251. hi. i had one question. is this really selena gomez? well whatever i guess had to say im a huge fan and i know you hear it all the time but i mean it. your amazing and you definitely rock. well i guess thats all for now however i would really like you to reply, it would mean the world to me. thanks ( : byee!

  252. dana are you on the computer says so know talks to me anyway i love your work and is that really her mom it dosent look like her she looks like she is 20

  253. oh so shew like 30 sum cool m 9 and my moms 44

  254. and my dads 41 so wierd but my cusins mom had her when she was 35 but my moms mom had her at 45

  255. ok strange comments…..

    but hey sell hwwas your day all the schools are colsed in lndon expcept my school.
    how are your songs going? have you though of any yet? well good luck anplease reply! (: xxx samanta xxx

  256. um no i wasnt talking to you so im not sure. sorry though.
    ( :

  257. hey sell
    keep working hard my dad prommised that we will goto california sometime his year! πŸ™‚

  258. tnxs again ya’ll

  259. Selena (:
    please please call me i keep leaving you missed calls but you don’t pick up please my number is

    07894 583316

    please please call me on your cell so that is i am in school i can call you back please you are amazing and i really would love to talk to you. xoxoxooxoxox
    love you xxx
    remember god bless you
    and i made a bunny for you look
    as i said please call me selena my number is

    07894 583316

    i live in the uk but im form lithuania it is in europe next to polland and russia xxx love you
    god bless you, your family πŸ™‚ and demi xxx

  260. oh one more thing Selena please become a fan on my face-book page look up my name then the fan page is the won with a white shiny dress and my hair is let out thank you
    god bless you x

  261. hey sell
    you sent me a shout out about 2 months ago you said hey samantha my name is european no h πŸ™‚ oh well love you and right now its
    UK London 04:25pm
    Los Angeles 08:25am

  262. Sell i love your clothing line how much will everything cost and can you buy it in the UK by the way i just got kiss and tell it finaly came from america it took 11 days and. Cost Β£9.89 but it was worth it (: xxx
    god bless you and your family with friends xxx
    oh also could you please give my number to jake? (: hes sooo cuite πŸ˜‰ my number is 07894 583316. πŸ˜€

  263. Im 12 my birthday is in october same like jakes πŸ™‚ i know hes 15 but could you possibly ask him to call me in the morning your time so if
    UK London. 9:11 am
    USA CA. 4:11 am
    USA NY 1:11 am
    ask him to call me at about this time but not on week days x thank you and hug him for me thank you ask him lasty if possible to send me a tet thabk you god bless you all xxx

  264. hey selly xxx

  265. heya sell x

  266. I know she isn’t the real Selena. Why would she just say thanks? Some agent who takes care of this.

    People here are crazy for her. I love her too, her face is so sweet & cute. Her hair is so mmmm & long, just wish to cover my face with ’em.

  267. Oh Selena, I have never seen any show of yours yet, but hundreds of pics. All look so beautiful, some childish. Sorry but even childish pics look cute and a part of life. I wish you good luck. Don’t forget to send me some flying kisses!

  268. hey sell thank you for adding me on facbook dont worry i wiill not tell anybody your new facebook πŸ™‚

  269. Hey Samanta u r realy cool thnx, i’ll add u n i’ll get to see selena’s!! Thnk u darling πŸ˜‰

  270. Thnk you like heavens!

  271. I am LOL happy… How sweet can u be?!! ;D

  272. Selena?

  273. wow,that too young for her mom gave a birth

  274. dont be rude xxx

  275. hey xxxxxxxxxxx

  276. Uh Sel is a ho just like her mom. She may have a purity ring but did that stop her from having sex with Nick Jonas? No it didn’t. Eff your mom to sel!

  277. Uh Miley don’t be mad at me because I have my own thing going on. I am still a virgin and don’t be mad because Nick didn’t want you. I also know your mad because I didn’t want you to be on my show.

  278. And by the way thanks to my fans who have been posting. Slim that was erm nice of you? Samanta thanks so much for defending me!

  279. awww thanks sel thats sweet πŸ™‚
    can you call my cell please?
    07894 583316 thank you x
    god bless

  280. i luv her she is my favourite nd hr birthdy flls on 22nd july nd my birthdy flls also on 22nd of july

  281. Hey sell please call my cell 07894583316 please and also how are you thank you for sayign and samanta thanky uo for defending me! thats was realy sweet also you spelt my name correctly πŸ™‚ xxxx send me a message on facebook please im samanta gudziunaite the pictuer with the stripy dress
    god bless, sam x

  282. love ya selly have fun riding the hore and please email me selly
    god bless,
    sam x

  283. sorry i ment horse :)))

  284. If only more than 54 people could hear this!

  285. wow your mom is a really bad role model. She had you at 16? you have to be EIGHTEEN to do that in the untied states.

  286. hi.. selena u r awesome πŸ™‚ please can u email me ……. ur like the best its so silly how ppl say mean stuff bout you

  287. i love selena she rocks !!!!!!! ❀ i love ur songs and demi`s as well u guys are so sweet πŸ™‚ plz email me………

  288. hi selena how r u……….? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ xxxxx

  289. anyone here.. please email me @ ermm i cant give details in public…. do u have another email………….. u dont use…. u can post it here… then i cud send u email…. πŸ™‚

  290. heyy selena huge fan of ur music,actin,and UNICEF foundation i am trin to look into that. i hope u come to boston onur tour. and i think its totally fine that ur mom had u at 16 i think she is doin an awsome job tell her i said keep up the good work… my mom had me at 35 iam 12 now i relley don’t now how old she is now. but i till think ur awsome

    p.s i love you so much tell demi that i said she is awsome to

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ bye

  291. This article wasn’t made to compare your mothers pregnancy ages. It was posted to encourage teens to wait until it is right just like Selena decided to do. Her parents struggled and I don’t care if you say on her that your at-the-time 16 new mother never struggled, because most likely she did. All parents struggle. Whether you are younger and financially unstable or whether you are prepared. You can never fully be prepared for the responsibility of another life in your hands. Be safe and wait for true love. That’s the message that Selena is trying to send out.

  292. And and Lia is clearly a liar. People like you really piss me off. You think that it makes you look cool to say that you have a kid?? Because honey, I can personally tell you it doesn’t. I have read a couple of your posts and you are NOTHING BUT A DISGUSTING LIAR. And anybody can tell. You don’t have a kid and you know nothing about giving birth. It’s a C-section( short for Caesarian section) not sea section and I would love to hear about how you pay for all these bills and adventures of living in hotel rooms. I hope to love my children enough to give them better than what you just described. Holding on to a baby while seating tables and answering phones? Seriously. Pathetic.

  293. Also Lia, you lying little bitch, on september 19 you posted that you had desire or whatever the fuck the pretend bastards name is one month ago. And about mid October you posted that the fake kid was three. Wow. What a fucking liar. People like you are attention whores. Crazy mental institution motherfuckers too. And you are disgracing your grandmother all over the Internet. Because I’m sure she didn’t lock you in a room with your boyfriend and tell you to do him. And if she did your whole family needs their own reality tv show with all that fucked up-ness. Get a life and I dare you to try and post something back. Because now everyone who read this has caught on to your act.

  294. Hey Selly! you are awesome inshopping cause you are a fashion model, you are great,,and I love you, and your family to, you are a great star..I love your style.

  295. My mom had me when she was 28.

  296. hi selena wuts up i saw romna and bezus and o thought it was awsome ur a great acresss keep up the good work i can’t wait 2 see monti carlo i can’t wait and 1 more thing don’t let this crazy ppl get 2 u head trust me won’t and any romers bout u and nick i said bye both of u 100% so if u guys say no ur not datin then imma say no ur not datin ig2g so s cya
    love u always
    p.s when i get older iamma name my daughter after u pluse iam 12 so i still got a long way…… tell demi and thejonas brothers i said hiiii pplz

  297. o sorry i forgot 2 say somthing

    I LOVE U

  298. hey selena i got a new email and number call me and email me thanks xx ( :

  299. Hey eveyone just wanted to pop by and say hey and if possable please vote for me in this years peoples choice awards 2010 and hey samantha! πŸ™‚

  300. Awhh thatss soo touchy. well i had a lil boy when i was 15 and it was the greatest. But i guess i have such gr8 support nd living with my family. Your so lucky selena to have such a gr8 mum. Looks like she’s done real good, especially on her own.

  301. I am so happy you guys are leaving me such great comments! My mom is truly my role model and I love her to death! My fans keep me singing so thank you so much!

  302. selena i will vote 4 u in the 2011 choice awards because u rock and everyone loves u i wish i can meet u but i will never and i mean never meet u SO SAD well love ya u rock and i hope u will win in the kids choice awards 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ps. anyone is lucky 2 be u r friend

  303. HI SELENA!!!!!!!!!!

  304. haha,con razon la madre de la trolena es tan joven,igual pobre selena me da pena por ser tannn fea haha

  305. selena u’re the best

  306. u guys need to shut ur trap
    Selena is AMAZING.
    u need to quit judging her for what her mom did a long time ago.
    my mom had my sis when she was 17 and is still with our dad after 20+ years.

    Sure i dont reall care for demi all that much but u dont have to talk bad about her!
    so what if its them or not, who cares, LET IT GO.

    u guys r wasting ur time talking trash about others when u need to look at urselves first and fix it b4 u go trashin someone else!

  307. and good selena, so what if nobody else believes u, u know whats right and true and just stick with it!

  308. This shouldn’t be such a big deal. My Mum had me at 17. Loads of teenagers have kids. It’s not Selena’s “big secret.”

  309. hi sweety. my mom and dad are good and caring and i love them i wish u can again bind your family

  310. don’t mind but its wrong a person should have babies in age of 21-26by the way so are stunning salina and my favorite.

  311. sorry guys i meant to say you are stunning salina

  312. Hey Selena, My name is Jade
    and i’m so glad that you were strong when ur parents broke up but it is good that you can see ur dad. My friends dad went to germany to be with another woman.Selena you are my role model because you know how to keep strong and you are kind and Caring.
    From ur biggest fan Jade can u please send back

  313. i luv selena gomez who cares that her mom had her at 16

  314. Selena i love you sooo much ❀ Your the best…. don't listen to anyone who says mean things ❀ My mom passed away ❀

  315. hi im 9 i m your biggest fan my mum had me 24

  316. And im only 11

  317. My mom also had me at 16. She said it was a struggle but she got through with my grandma help, but I didn’t have a dad when I was born. I still don’t know who he is or what he looks like. But I know I’m much better with out him, just someday I wanna meet him.

  318. Ashley I agree with you 99% And I love my mom very much and Jessica i feel your pain 100% thats sooo sad 😦 And everyone else thankyou and also stop pretending to be me!! Its soooo ANNOYING!!!!!!

  319. Selena Gomez doesn’t care about you guys, she is lying!!!!

  320. celeb not sopped to lie

  321. ya stop pretending to be her cuz u will never be close to her

  322. Selena in my secret life my mom had me at 27 so that u and I are alike only 3 days after

  323. My mum had me at 36, is that too old?

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