Miley and Mandy On The Way to MTV Movie Awards

Miley And Mandy KCA Video Winners

Miley & Mandy Show! KCA

FOR ALL THE COMMENTS SAYING “BRIBING FANS FOR VOTES” THAT IS RIDICULOUS! THIS ISNT SAYING THE PRIZES GO TO THOSE WHO VOTE ITS SAYING THE PRIZES GO TO THE PERSON WHO MAKES THE MOST CREATIVE VIDEO! WHICH BTW WE ARE SEEING ALOT OF! ALL THE VIDEOS WEVE SEEN SO FAR ARE AMAZING! THANK YALL! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST FANS EVER! PS AFTER THE KCA A NEWWW VIDEO WITH A SPECIAL GUEST WILL BE COMING! XOX Make an awesome video saying vote for miley for Kids Choice Awards!!!! Whoever makes the sickest video will win one of the two prizes (ipod case or diamond ipod) To let us know you made a video comment this video titled “Miley & Mandy Show! KCA” saying I MADE A VIDEO and then title your video that you made “KCA and your name”! Please make the video you made your main video so we can check it out! When we decide we will send you a message and let you know you have won! Now, two will win but the rest of our favorites will be put in a playlist on our page thanking you for participating!!! GOD BLESS AND THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! YALL ROCK! XOXO MILEY AND MANDY!
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Miley & Mandy Show! Hoedown Throwdown!

We asked for your ideas and we got some great ones! We chose teaching Mandy the Hoedown Throwdown! WE ARE ALLLWAYYSSS open to new ideas! Thank you guys for everything! Yall are the best! The Hoedown Throwdown is on the new Hannah Montana soundtrack coming out at the end of March! Yayyy =]
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Miley & Mandy Show! NEWWW VIDEO!

Send in what you want to see on M&M and well do it! yayyy =] cant wait for your ideas! P.S. check out and vote for Mileyyy at KCA please!!!!!!!!!! Yall are the best! we miss yall! PS WERE HAVING A SPECIAL GUEST NEXT EPISODE!!!!!! XOXO MILEY AND MANDY

The Miley And Mandy Show & Beach Girls: Myspace Holiday Video