Green Day Know Your Enemy Music Video

Green Day‘s new music video for ‘Know Your Enemy’, you can pre-order their album on their official site.

Taylor Swift Covers ‘What Goes Around…’

Taylor Swift covers Justin Timberlake‘s song ‘What Goes Around…’ on her Fearless tour.

Varsity Fanclub May 4th Show Secrets

Varsity Fanclub‘s new youtube video about their may 4th show with The Beach Girlz 5, also you can now get VFC merchandise. Don’t forget to follow them on their twitters; VarsityFC, Bobby, Drew, Thomas, Jayk & David. You can also pre-order their album which is due out May 26th. +Another new youtube video with Jayk & Drew under.

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Demi Lovato BBC Switch Impressions

Demi Lovato doing impressions on BBC Switch.

Demi Lovato Don’t Forget & Get Back Acoustic

Demi Lovato Radio Disney acoustic of ‘Don’t Forget’, + ‘Get Back’ acoustic under.

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Princess Protection Program New Scenes

JONAS Pizza Girl Music Video

Jonas Brothers ‘Pizza Girl’ Music Video on JONAS.