Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner ‘How Did You Meet?’ Valentine’s Day

New ‘How did you guys meet?’ clip from Valentine’s Day released February 14th.

Taylor Swift FEARLESS wins Album Of The Year Grammy

Big congratulations to Taylor Swift who won 4 Grammy‘s! Including Album Of The Year!

Taylor Swift Breathless Hope For Haiti

Taylor Swift covering Better Than Ezra song ‘Breathless’ on Hope For Haiti. Available to buy on iTunes now! Taylor answering phones with Selena Gomez under.

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Joe Jonas Flying Solo & Reconnecting With Taylor Swift?

+ Video under Joe says him and Taylor Swift ‘reconnected’ skip to 1:31.

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Taylor Swift ‘Today Was A Fairytale’

New Taylor Swift song from the movie, Valentines Day. Available to buy on iTunes now!

Happy 20th Birthday Taylor Swift!

Today, December 13th, Taylor Swift turns 20!

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift Curl Up Contest

At Selena Gomez‘s Kiss & Tell album release party, BOP & Tiger Beat asked her who would win a curl-up contest with their award: Selena or BFF Taylor Swift; Who do YOU think looked better?