Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato Summer Dream Tour?


From J-14: ‘Last year, Demi opened for her Camp Rock costars, the Jonas Brothers, during their sweet summer tour.After Selena visited Demi on the road, the BFFs came up with idea of touring together!

Just as rockin’ is their source’s prediction of a Selena, Demi and Jonas dream tour! Talk about awesome, no long distance issue for Sel and Nick to deal with, plus an amazing show for us!’  Thnx oceanup.

Would you like Selena to be on tour with Demi & JB?


Sonny With A Chance Exclusive Sneak Preview

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Miley Cyrus Radio Disney Takeover

Miley Cyrus taking over Radio Disney on January 30, 2009. Part 2-4 under.

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Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle at Push Premiere

Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle both arrived at the push premiere, you can watch it here

According to E! Online, although Camilla walked the red carpet alone for her film Push in Westwood, she was later joined inside the theater by Joe Jonas. An eye witness spilled: ‘Once the lights in the theater went down, Joe snuck in and sat right next to her. After the credits rolled, they left in a rush holding hands.’

Demi Lovato Future Director?

Demi Lovato revealed to Popstar! if she were to go to college she would study directing at film school.

Taylor Swift On MusicOnDemand

Part 2 under.

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