Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner ‘How Did You Meet?’ Valentine’s Day

New ‘How did you guys meet?’ clip from Valentine’s Day released February 14th.

Taylor Swift FEARLESS wins Album Of The Year Grammy

Big congratulations to Taylor Swift who won 4 Grammy‘s! Including Album Of The Year!

Taylor Swift Breathless Hope For Haiti

Taylor Swift covering Better Than Ezra song ‘Breathless’ on Hope For Haiti. Available to buy on iTunes now! Taylor answering phones with Selena Gomez under.

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Taylor Swift ‘Today Was A Fairytale’

New Taylor Swift song from the movie, Valentines Day. Available to buy on iTunes now!

Happy 20th Birthday Taylor Swift!

Today, December 13th, Taylor Swift turns 20!

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift Curl Up Contest

At Selena Gomez‘s Kiss & Tell album release party, BOP & Tiger Beat asked her who would win a curl-up contest with their award: Selena or BFF Taylor Swift; Who do YOU think looked better?

Taylor Swift ‘I Love Winter’

Taylor Swift’s Myspace blog, I love winter.

I’m laying on the couch, wearing fuzzy red and white socks. In my peripheral vision is a giant, lit up Christmas tree. This is my favorite time of year. Hands down.
I just got back to Nashville this morning after being in LA all week. Today I was out and about and in the studio all day, and when I drove home, I saw this strip of restaurants on Main Street in my hometown.. I’ve driven that road and seen those restaurants four billion times since we moved here almost six years ago. Somehow they’ve never looked as perfect and welcoming as they did tonight. It was Sunday night and there were cars jammed into every last parking spot available. I could see the smoke billowing out of fireplace chimneys into cold winter air. It’s the holidays. People are coming together and going out for dinner and something about seeing that just stuck with me. I love everything about this time of year, but mostly the way that people find ways to be with the ones they love. And I love sweaters. Everyone is wearing sweaters right now.
I was talking to my producer, Nathan, today about everything that’s happened this year. We were being nostalgic and going back to this time four years ago, three years ago, two years ago.. Now this year. We just.. can’t believe it. Earlier this week, he had a last-minute-get-over-here-right-now-and-celebrate party at his house, because the news had just broken: We were nominated for 8 Grammy’s. I remember calling him and hearing the screaming voices of the drummer and the bass player and the mixers and publishers who helped put this album together. He put me on speakerphone, and we all screamed together. I couldn’t stop saying “I love you” to them, just like I can’t stop saying “I love you” to you. Part of me can’t fully wrap my mind around the idea that this sort of thing could happen to me. At the end of the phone call, I said to them “Please, never forget tonight. This night is a gift we never thought we’d get.” and then, of course, “I love you so much!!!” 
I’m about to be in New York City at Christmas time. I’m playing the Z100 Jingle Ball (never played it before. SO excited!!) and probably spending some time just wandering around looking up at the sparkly store displays and stuff. And counting down to my birthday. I’m only a teenager for another week! I’m starting to practice saying “Twenty” when people ask me how old I am. Weird. Cool? I guess it’s inevitable, so.. Awesome!
Thank you again for everything you guys have done to make all of these magical things happen to me. Please drive safely when you’re out shopping. I hope you have an awesome holiday season. Again, I love you!