Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl Official Music Video


8 Responses

  1. i love u justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and ur songs

  2. I know all the lyrics 2 ur songs like love me, one time, one less lonley girl, where ru now and all the others!!!! 😀

  3. hi luv u n ur songs lol

  4. heyy whatz up ?i love you so much you are the best in the world.you are hottie and i love your sing i am your 1#fan love : brianna

  5. brianna u better back off bitch!cuz u cant have him.

  6. Heloo….I Love This Song…….x

    ^^^ You Lot Up There Your Obbsetion Is Going A Bit Too Much I Agree Wid m baby fresh…..x

    I Like The Song And I Think Hes Cute Buh I Aint Like His No.1 Fan I Think Im Is 90,000 Fan :D…..x


  7. 7 things/quiestions about Justin Bieber

    1# how tall is he 5’2 cuse i’d be as tall as him
    2# how old is she in this video
    (older than him i’m sure )
    3# at the end dose he say (i love you shawty ) it sounds wierd espetially when he rolls his eyes
    4# that dog is cute
    5#that music video kinda cute i guess you really can’t
    dinie that
    6# i like one time and this song thats IT
    7# no ufince you are kinda cute Justin

  8. 3# and laughs

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