Jonas Brothers ‘3 Years Since We Released Its About Time’


Hey everyone! Just wanted to thank you for allowing us to live our dream. Last night we performed in the first of our 3 shows at the Staples Center in LA. Sunday we host and perform at the Teen Choice Awards, which will air on Monday. Then we head back out on tour in front of the best fans.. the world. It is still hard to believe. It was 3 years ago that we released our first CD as a group, IT’S ABOUT TIME. We were dropped by our label not long after that and soon found a new record company that put out another 2 CDs. So much has happened in the last 3 years. We remember every face, every show..

..people lined up for days, standing in the rain, voting, requesting, calling, texting, encouraging us, all the comments, the SayNow messages, the Twitter messages, the Live chats (with more to come VERY SOON), the meet and greets, and all the ups and downs. You’ve been there through them all!
THANK YOU! You are truly the best fans in the world. JB


2 Responses

  1. OMG! I am in tears right now after seeing the most horrible, disgraceful video on Youtube. Its called Pray For Jonas, and the only reason why I watched it is because I thought they were going to do something nice for the Jonas Brothers but I was wrong. These two guys beat up this poor young man because he had a Jonas Brothers Poster on his wall, they were so mean to him. Then they made him burn the poster! I never have cried so hard in my life. Please we need to stop this! We need to make Youtube take this down, its horrible! Here is a link, if you watch you will understand and we can work together to get rid of it!

  2. PEOPLE ARE SO MEAN…. WHEN MY FRIENDS MAKE FUN OF ME because I love JB I make sure they dont say it again… I dont hurt them but I get soo mad…

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