Joe Jonas & Brenda Song On A Date

TMZ caught Joe driving Brenda around on their secret Katsuya date last night in Hollywood.

There was rumours about Brenda and Joe back in december.

Your thoughts?


7 Responses

  1. Joe if ur gonna date her dont hurt her u hurt so many girls already i though u were good but turns out ur just like every girls ont the planet he i still like u but not like i ust to well not anymore-XOXOXO-D

  2. wow…………..
    i wuv d jonas brovas sooo much
    buh dat guy is rite
    u ditch so many girls…………..
    nyways wuv u soooo much

    i love the jo bros sooooo much
    buh watch out oookay

  3. i am speechless

  4. putos todos

  5. jodanse todos los de estados unidos

  6. She runs fast, Brenda rules.

  7. know right she dose run fast hahahahah
    i dont think there really dating

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