Happy 17th Birthday Selena Gomez


Happy 17th birthday Selena Gomez.


9 Responses

  1. She’s Really Talented n PRrtty
    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
    yur awsome

  2. happy birthday selena and im sorry for wishing u late and demi u are her true friend i love u selena and i wish i could be ur friend

  3. happy birthday
    we love you

  4. heyyyyy!!!! selena i love u u awsome !!!!! i love wizards of weverly place is 1 of my fave shows ……. and i just wanne tell u that if r u gonna do a concert cause i will love 2 GO !!! BYE !!!!!!!! I LOVE U!!!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Selena u have a cool show that i like to wacth. I wnat to be your friend in myspace. MY myspace is elsupergus@aol.com u look beautiful and have beautiful eyes and a nice smile too. text me I love Selena Gomez.

  6. hi selina i am salina too.But u could call stella cause my nickname is stella ………..i’m your big fan

  7. hi Selena, I am Jay, I am your biiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan, even my birthday is on 22nd July, if i could come to US, then I ‘ll try to meet you,

  8. Hey Selena I think your beautiful and you should text me (512)965-5484 Aldo here’s my email Trevis.green@yahoo.com luv you please text me!!!

  9. happy b day i really really think u r cute

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