Jonas Brothers Sign Honor Society

The Jonas Brothers signed Honor Society to their label today. Honor Society will be the new band that is going to be making cash. The boys state, “You have heard us talk about them before and we hope that you have seen them at one of our shows. We are so excited about this new venture and all things to come for our friends.”

The band Honor Society includes band members Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Alexander Noyes, and Andrew Lee. They have played at some of the Jonas Brothers concerts and also make an appearance on the movie “Bandslam’s” soundtrack.


2 Responses

  1. Honor Society as a whole, look as appealing as any librarian in a dark corner of the library that no one ever visits. They have nice harmonies, but lack charisma, looks, and everything else that is “it”
    They are going to be doing grand openings of chain stores for a very long time. Maybe even as long as a year. That is what defines long for them.
    They are undeniably a manufactured group of people that did an audition individually, like guys were in OTown.

  2. that is so not cool.

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