Official New Moon Poster



13 Responses

  1. The picture is awesome. I love everrything that has to do with twilight and Jacob is Hot as hell. jacob would you marry me?

  2. I think Jacob is WAY hotter than Edward and that maybe they should have made Jacob uglier personality or looks wise to make her decision sensible lol…. i think that is the worse mistake anybody could make haha who’d turn that face and bod dwn lol

  3. Ummm its Lautner you doofus

  4. taylor is sooooo sexy!!!!!

  5. I LOVE this poster.. I find Taylor AND Robert are both hot but I will always be TEAM Jacob….. TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am now changed to Team EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!

  7. there both so freakin hott! team switserland!

  8. team edward right here in north carolina thats exactly why hes in front

  9. team edward right here in NORTH CAROLINA thats exacly why hes in front

  10. becuse hes hhhhoooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  11. oo, kayti likey! oo jacob looks all tough, nice 😉

  12. ugh, im srry 2 say, but any of u that think robert is hot, i hate u. soo ugly, like dude, loose the freaky hair, get a tan, and man- u r ugly



  13. Good Poster, I totatally love Edward!! It is perfect for me! The sexiest vampire I’ve ever seen!! JAJAJAJAJA more hotter than that wolf-dog, whatever 😉

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