Eoghan Quigg When You Look Me In The Eyes

Eoghan Quigg‘s version of Jonas Brother song ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’, from his debut album.

 Love it or Hate it?


7 Responses

  1. OMG. As much as i love the version by Jonas brothers ;)cause it was original.
    i think Eoghan has done a brill job 😉

  2. Its amazing 😀 we really love his album! we listen to it all the time. Its far better than the Jonas Brothers version 😐 by far.. love yaa x

  3. omg i love it :D:D:D
    i hate the jonas brothers 😐 dont understand why eveyone likes them :S 😦


  4. Luv dat song sooooo much!!
    especially when he sings it!!
    he is gawjus!!!
    i got 2 meet him at d boyzone concert n he kissed me!! lol… xxx i love him sooooo much x

  5. this song probably ment to him a lot cause u can sense that he is singing from his heart…:))
    I love him i was at one of his concerts he was looking into my eyes like i dont know….or he was just looking at someone else…but im sure it was me…
    i think he should start making videos on youtube maby he could become world famous….
    oh if anyone knows if he has like a fan mail thing that he actualy reads tell me on paulina_gemb@hotmail.com..

    :))) ❤ i LoVe YoU

  6. imposible better.. so far!

  7. wow ive never herd him hes real good! i dont like the jonas bros but i like him :/

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