Taylor Swift Announces First Headlining Tour

Taylor Swift has announced her first headling tour ‘FEARLESS’ and her friend Kellie Pickler will be her support act, and rumoured group, Gloriana.  The official press release is here. In the next few weeks UK dates are announced according to the press release.

Date City
February 10 San Antonio, TX
March 1 Plant City, FL
March 2 Houston, TX
April 23 Evansville, IN
April 24 Jonesboro, AR
April 25 St Louis, MO
April 30 Charleston, SC
May 1 Jacksonville, FL
May 2 Biloxi, MS
May 14 Spokane, WA
May 15 Seattle, WA
May 16 Portland ,OR
May 17 Yakima, WA
May 21 Phoenix, AZ
May 22 Los Angeles, CA
May 23 Las Vegas, NV
May 24 San Diego, CA
May 26 Salt Lake City, UT
June 4 Enterprise, AL
June 11 Baltimore, MD
June 12 Greensboro, NC
June 24 Oshkosh, WI
June 25 Caddott, WI
July 8 Calgary, Alberta
July 10 Craven, Saskatchewan
July 11 Winnipeg, Manitoba
July 16 Twin Lakes, WI
July 17 Columbus, OH
July 18 Charleston, WV
July 23 Cheyenne, WY
July 24 Rapid City, SD
July 25 Minot, ND
August 7 Detroit Lakes, MN
August 9 Detroit Lakes, MN
August 27 New York, NY
August 28 Uncasville, CT
August 29 University Park, PA
August 30 Louisville, KY
September 4 Greenville, SC
September 5 Charlotte, NC
September 10 Lafayette, LA
September 11 Bossier City, LA
September 12 Birmingham, AL
September 25 Dallas, TX
September 26 Little Rock, AR
September 27 Tulsa, OK
October 1 Cleveland, OH
October 2 Grand Rapids, MI
October 3 Pittsburgh, PA
October 8 Indianapolis, IN
October 9 Chicago, IL
October 10 Minneapolis, MN

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