Princess Protection Program Book Cover



16 Responses

  1. hey i am going to love ur movie soo much and i am really excited i really want to see it

  2. cool poster.and why does selena look sad but demi looks happy? just kiddi’n lol!!!

  3. oie! sou do brasil e eu amo demi lovato e selena gomez
    [ hi! I am brasileira and I love demi lovato and selena gomez]

  4. e estou louca pra ver este filme…pode me dizer quando vai estreiar aki no brasil?.

  5. the movie looks soooooo good i want to see it soooo badly. selena gomez and demi lovato are my idols. i am going to be the first person to see it

  6. I can not wait to see it. I have like a milonie posters of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez in my room. I am sooo happy that they are in a movie together. But I think that Demi amd Selena should switch carictors because Demi does not look like she would be a good princess. I think that Selena would be a better one. I have not seen the movie yet so I could be wrong.

  7. I can not wait until the movie comes out. I really want to read the book. I hope I can soon. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez our the coolest people in the would!

  8. It is nice even though i hadnt watched it

  9. hahhahah

  10. i luv demi and selena! demi’s music and show are tote awesome, and selena’s an ahhmazingg actressss! cant wait for ppp! hving a party for it.
    the: “princess protection program premiere party (PPPPP)”

  11. hi!!!! i love demi and selena their my fav actrises and signer well after its hannah montana anyways…….<
    i cant wait to see it on the 26 of june on family!!! byee
    Tootles TTYL"!!!!

  12. i cant believe that movies out, i mean it looks okay i guess……. it’s just that i wish they werent best friends in the movie, or in real life, because demi anooys me.

  13. showing na?

  14. this movies is so good! demi is beautiful, selena is sweet and cute!

  15. this film is bad! i don’t wanna watching again!

  16. wow! this movies is so good! I like this film! and cool poster…
    Demi and Selena┬┤re good actrises, beautiful actrises.

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