Robert Pattinson Licking Anna Kendrick



Robert Pattinson licking Twilight costar Anna Kendrick [Jessica] during a late night out with the cast, including Nikki Reed. More pictures in youtube clip below. Thnx oceanup.


95 Responses

  1. wish that were me, i am sooooo jealous.

  2. ewwwwwwwww, totally gross!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i love u Robert Pattinson u are funny and hot and every theing i wesh meet u and that girl u have she not deserve u believe me

    i am sooooo jealous.


    me 2

    but wat we can do

    Robert Pattinson are u was drinking when u was with her ? :d

  4. omg i wish he wuold lick me like that shot ill lick him 2


  6. Why did he do that? Thats what I don’t get


  8. hey that is not cool Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. JE suis tombée sur ce site. Tu connais robert pattinson personelement? je suis allé au cinèma hier avec ma petite soeur et j’ai vraiment ete agréablement surprise par la beauté et tout ce qui se degage de ce jeune homme.
    je suis completement envouté c’est vrai qu’il laisse un sentiment de manque a la fin du film t’a envi de le regarder le voir encore et encore….
    j imagine qu’il est impossible de le rencontrer il est rentré dans la cour des grands et doit etre harcele de partout

  11. Damn it why is he even licking that sick chic? I don’t get it?

  12. What is he even doing licking that chick? She’s not even hot!!!!!

  13. Im so gonna ignore that pic.. i loved the character edward cullen.. till i saw that.. It wer all realistic till i saw tha manky pic..


  14. I love robert pattinson!!! He is very sexy 🙂
    ajajaj… is veeerrrryyy beutifull!! he is my boyfriend jaja
    kisssss and hug!!!


  15. robert !!!
    what are you doing ??????

  16. omg i luv robert pattinson he can lick me lol

    Im just so jealous. ><

  18. y dount care this picture

  19. if it’s kirsten, i think it’s better for the image..haha..
    first pic she (anna) seems happy and in the second one with taylor..she seemed miserable…lol..

  20. que foto más loca me encanta esta super extraña y original

  21. sexy!
    i love robert! im so jealous!!

  22. OH MY GOSHHH tht doesnt even look like him though.

  23. well, it is him!
    but i dont think its Taylor..

  24. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!! that is totally gross!! but it wouldn’t have been if that were me!!! 🙂

  25. WTF! That’s so WRONG…. :p

  26. omg!!! he’s drunk! thats why he did that!…im xoo JEALOUS!!!!!!!!…uRrggHhh! lick me ROB!

  27. Relaaax people. He’s having fun with his friend, he’s young and playful. Why read so much into it?!!!!

  28. you ladies are just jealous because you know that she is georgous and way prettier than you will ever be

    I love you Robert Pattinson

  29. Haha Edward isn’t supposed to be licking Rosalie. :p
    I love you Robert Pattinson.
    I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday!!

  30. She is Jessica not rosalie !

  31. hello,my names is sara i’m fan of robert pattinson (6 troppo bono!!!!9

  32. ..why did he lick ana’s face. she’s so ugly and maybe she had many bacteria on her face.. i really hate her!! yucks!! he doesn’t fit on robert..only “bella” fits on him

  33. he is so yummy im so jealous i wish i was his girlfrend i would do him good any time

  34. even if u lyke the guy have some self-respect!!!!!!!! why would u want a drunk man to lick ur face????? dirty pig

  35. les deux photo c choquant
    vraimant choquant

  36. OMFG is not corect he look so hot and she is not so beautiful WTF it looks discousting but i have to say that i would like to be in her place luv you robert you look so sexy like a vampire ANDREEA

  37. OOOOOMMMMMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe he did that but i dont care hes still the hottest guy on the world

  38. i lovee u 2 bits edward!!
    you can do better than Jess
    Even if it’s not me!
    I lovee you always


  39. gerizekalı kız döverm seni 😀

  40. OMG!!! These co-stars do not deserve to be licked by Rob. If only we could meet that would make everything in life so much better. I want to get to know him so when I say, I love you Rob… he’ll know I really do!

    Love You Rob!!! ( I really do.. haha)

  41. hi! i can´t wait for New Moon!

  42. shes atchurly realy pritty and you lot are saying shes not because ur just jelious, yes hes hot and an amazing actor but hes herd it all before and he wont care that your “in love” with him.


  43. SHE IS A STINKING, FUCKING, EVIL,STUPID, SHITTY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they were just drunk anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Oo La chance qu’elle a !!! Grrr !!!

  45. ele e umm gato

  46. Looks like fun.. Nice pic!

  47. WAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING???. THATS JUST NASTY. but he was DRUNK. which is HOT!!!. he should lick me too see how good i taste. xD

  48. erm you do know you all sound really obsessed? i mean yeah sure hes realy good looking but he could go out with the ugliest girl in the world and she might have a great personality so who cares? he licked her face no ones bothered to be honest really get a grip .

  49. i think rob is sooooooooooooooo sexy and fucken hot!!!!!!!!!!! but y r u all saying u think anna is ugly she looks a really nice personality pretty looking young women. anyway it robs decision if he wants to get drunk and lick annas face, or if he wasnt drunk it was still his choice, and none of us can change wat he does!

  50. Robert Pattinson – the one and only for me :* I love you sooo much.. wish i could meet you. thats my biggest dream in the hole world.. : o I just.. I cry everytime I see a picture of you. your b-e-a-utyful <333333 Wish it was me you licked !! : o SO jealous.. and all the other girls who reads this, STAY AWAY, his MINE !! and ONLY MINE !!

    Rob – my one and only ; ¤

  52. er… weird. i reckon she much cooler than you rob

  53. mno..robert pettinson je krasny edward is beautiful je sexy 😀 🙂

  54. hayırr bu robert olamaz :S:S:S:P:P:P:P

  55. people he’s young and he’s having fun and living life.

  56. omgq wtfff ! thaat is supposed tuu bee mee ; that smuut doesn’t desirv thaat sexyynessness ❤ weeel yeah idc annymoree buut istill lovee youu robeert ! X3

  57. i luv anna kendrick but i personaly think robert pattinson is CRAZY!!!!! hes not even that good looking… i LOVE taylor lautner much much much better!

  58. De r-klopjes is mijn manlief. Als ik herpes wegens dat twat krijg zal al hel los breken.

    In de woorden van Mokenstef: Hij is mijn. U kunt hem eens gehad hebben maar ik werd de hele tijd hem.


  59. Robert Pattinson doesn’t date people who can’t speak English properly.

  60. jealous bitches…shes hotter than you all…ha..too bad she got licked..and all you fatasses wont get lick by him

  61. jesus christ you people are seriously retarded

  62. I love Robert Pattinson ….! you is the best!

  63. I find it fascinating that so many people are so hung up on a guy they’ve never met, and on top of that there exists an entire group of people dedicated to catching him (and other celebrities) in compromising situations and taking photos to show his adoring fans. How completely random. Perhaps Robert Pattinson is a jerk or really conceited or maybe he is a super nice guy that every mother wants their daughter to end up with… I don’t know because I don’t know him at all, but I feel really bad for him right now because his drunken exploits are exposed on the internet.

  64. what a liar!!! that son of a bitch he said he was afraid for his fans and look what he is doing!!!

  65. f….k pattinson he’s a liar!!!!!

  66. hehehe….

  67. holaaa soy kami de argentinaaaa… muy lindas las pelisss… bue me voy al coleeee… suerte… tkm…

  68. que asqueroso eres “rob”

  69. hola como estas sabes algo mi amiga tania ivon quiere contigo es tu fan numero 1 a lo mejor no la conoces pero kree que eres agradable y super tu peli ya espero con ansias la otra

  70. eres super y espero y me entiendas que eres lo maximo y la musica, pelis que sacas eres lo maximo y la proximamovie va a hacer lo mejor bye me voy al cole y espero y me respondas

  71. meeeeeeeu deeus ;o
    gente, não acreditei quando vi essa foto ;O
    a linquinha vermelha NOOORSSA !
    que horrivel ;O
    nunca pensei, nossa um cara tão lindo e perfeito !
    Mais é a vida né, todos temos que ter um defeito !
    As pessoas são muito diferentes da outras :”(

  72. eu amo o robert pattison vc é lindooooo!

  73. that is so unaccep
    table….i wish it was me

  74. hi Robert am you fan!!! know do you marry withme??? please side that yeahh…. i LOVE you….y love twilight, is the maxim….love you, love you and love you….

  75. wee give main shett oum girls beatifulll mam baby shettt weee i love robert pattison !!!

  76. thaht is so gross. i dont think i like him more. ewww Anna look more prettier here than jessica in the twilight movie

  77. hey..that should have been me………ilov you.a lotttttttt

  78. You girls are all such dreamers.
    Rob is just an ordinary guy. Totally normal. There are better looking guys right in your own city’s. Guys you might actually have a chance with. Perhaps you’d know that if you weren’t so hung up on a fictional character. I doubt any of you even knew who he was pre-twilight! Did you know he was in Harry Potter? I doubt any of you even remember seeing him in it then. Edward is a fictional character, he is not real! Rob is not Edward, he is his own person and you girls would do well to respect that before getting it into your head that you “love him”. Get a life. You can’t love someone you have never met and don’t know.
    Bloody hell no wander he’s scared shitless of his fans. You girls are totally crazy.

    That said, yeah he’s sexy. But so what? There are lots of sexy guys around. Go out and meet some and learn to distinguish reality from fiction. And stop saying Anna’s ugly cause you’re jealous. She’s a beautiful girl with a nice smile.

    Oh and give him a break about his drunken antics. So what? I’m eighteen, I’m out drinking quite often and I think it looks like they’re having a great time! Plus this picture is fairly tame, I can’t see anything wrong with it. Just two friends having fun. He’s allowed to go out drinking, he’s of age. Get over it!

    Bloody twi-hards.

  79. Omg he iss oososososo HOT

  80. Robert Pattinson is a young actor whose talent has come in the spotlight because of his role of Edward Cullen.

    I am an avid fan, still I believe Robert should be given his privacy.

    We all love him and I am sure he greatly appreciates that but there is a thin line that almost everyone is crossing.

    I cannot believe how trivial most of you sound. With the swine flu girl kissing him and paparazzi making his life hell, get over yourselves, whoever he kisses, dates, marries etc is his personal choice.

    He is young so what if he is out having a little fun? It is horrible how we (the crazy fans) have made his life a secluded hell hole. Do not pursue him so much that he should quit acting altogether.

    I pray that Robert Pattinson should have all the success in doing whatever he chooses and may he be happy with whom ever he ultimately chooses to be with.

    Love you as an actor, Rob! Simply because no one (except your friends and family) know the real you.

  81. thats kinda funny but your still hot edward/robert but why you licking her thats kinda gross , but are you sucking her eye too thats sick but your still better than jacob hahahahah

  82. robert…u ass hole….how dare u lick my darling(anna)…she is mine.leave her u son of a bitch

  83. are you a dude or a girl or what and he’s not s b-i-t-c-h or an a-s-s h-o-l-e

  84. omg i love him lick me!!! lol and im 11

  85. rank i know

  86. who would be jelous of him???? *gag* google images and search robert pattinson gay man!! eww i used tro like him. he is just something else and also search robert pattinson in his underwear.ew i freaking hate him.hell with him.he is a britsh a**hole.ASS.talor lautner well.. check out his hot abs!

    robert well…there are a lot of things u dont know about him!

  87. ( laughing, gasping for air) ok, that is( laughing) the funniest picture i have ever seen!!! ( still laughing) i wish that was me though!!! ( laughing) love you rob!!!!

  88. i love the character edward cullen but by seeing this scandal, i was shocked… i am so in love with the character but i realized that movies and real life people should be kept in two distinct shelves.. seeing this picture made my appreciation of the character loose out…

  89. Lol wts.
    So many dellusional Robert Pattinsion,well it’s a shame that he’ll never lick you because there’s a stong percentance of you girls (or guys) that are just repulsive,dorky and retarded. Robert Pattinson licking you only happens in fantasy.

  90. why can’t that be me. if that were me i would just quickly turn around and toung kiss him.

  91. me 2! but i also would of made him strip and then sucked every suckable part of his body

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  94. First, why??
    P. S I’m not the singer Alexis Jordan

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