Joe Jonas’ New Beard


Joe Jonas spotted at a Texan Restaurant on Friday night with a new beard! Thnx oceanup.

Like it or dislike it?


26 Responses

  1. god…………..shave it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. holy mothafuck.
    shave that shit!

  3. nooo joeeee
    goooooo. you loook..not so sweet and innocent anymore 😦

  4. SHAVE IT!! i miss ur pretty CLEAN face!!!!

  5. ehhh, I am in favor of his old baby shaved face…but he’s still my Joseph Adam Jonas on the inside!!:P

  6. hes still joe
    he just had a beard hes still the same
    i think he looks cute like that but thats my opinion hes cute not matter how he looks

  7. Pfft you call that a beard? My mum had more hair on her chin when she stopped taking her estrogen pills Haha

  8. Awe he looks amazing. It really works for him. I say hott and maybe he should keep it…=]

  9. he is hooooooooot……

  10. he still looks cute
    i think he will shave it off though
    and i think he looks cuter without it

  11. joe looks good no matter what he wears, but that’s just my opinion. You guys know the paparazzi will say things like ‘he started drinking’ or ‘he’s trying to break outta his shell’…so Joe please, shave it off! I still love you though…mwah!

  12. I think it makes him look gay. I mean he might as well write “I’m Desprate” on his forehead.

  13. HOLY MA MA!
    u jonas brothers fans SUCK!!!!
    and they’ll never make out or marry with u even though they say they will.

  14. joe looks bad with that beard

  15. OMG nooooooooo Joe wot happened to you u looked so cute with long hair and clean face why did u have to go all spaz it looks so gross why why why????

  16. ITS NOT A BEARD!!!! STOP MAKING FUN OF HIM!!!!! CANT HE KEEP ANYTHING TO HIMSELF! just forget the picture and move on!

  17. he just looks always very nice with or without a beard.
    i love him how he is !!!!


  18. oh Joe it’s ok it looks good on you celebrity props k i think ur the cutest actor ever i have a humongous crush on u it’s funny bcuz i’m a celebrity to hahahaha i wish i could of featured u in my songs like poker face hahahaha i mean it though

  19. joe ur so HOTTTTTTTTTTTT and cute by the way dis is the real Paris Hilton talkin to u i nevr done dat wit no celebrity before kissis for u joe and nobody else kiss kiss

  20. joe is gorgous but i don’t like the beard

  21. joe looks evil with a beard but hes still HOT!!!!!!!!!

  22. u kno wat… i think its pretty cute. and wat eva he does wit it im fine wit it. i love Joe Jonas because he’s hot and sexay and i can barely c da “beard” any ways. just as long as he doesnt turn it into a santa beard… then we might have a problem….

  23. I LOVE YOU.

  24. 😮 hes so sexy wow i dont hate the facial hair or not but gosh the picture looks hot… i think it makes him look more mature and rough like a tortured artist or something Joe is just too sexy for words so i doesnt matter if it stays or not awww and he has/had a great personality

  25. he really looks sexy but that maybe cos i’m so blinded by love for my baby

  26. I love Joseph Adam Jonas! I hate all you stupid nitches hanging on my man!!

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