Taylor Swift ‘I’m Designing Sundresses’


Taylor Swift featured in ForUs magazine. Scan Credit: Stephanie, Taylor Swift Source. On her upcoming clothing line: As far as a clothing line, I wouldn’t want to put my name on anything that wasn’t affordable.

Everyone’s suffering because of the current state of the economy, so I try to be as conscious of that as possible when I make decisions. I’m in the process of designing a line of sundresses for L.E.I., so be sold exclusively as Wal-Mart. Dresses are what I wear most, so I’m really excited for them to come out!

On making is the music business: I think the ‘just getting out there’ concept is a good one. You can’t look at like ‘I’m going to get discovered tonight, I just know it.’ You have to look at every little show you play as practice for the big game.

Thinking ‘big picture’ is important, or else you’ll get discouraged and frustrated really fast. With every show you play, you hone your skills. I focused on my songwriting and signed a publishing deal when I was fourteen.

I moved to Nashville and just tried to meet as many people as possible. You work your way up. Very seldom do you get ‘discovered’ without  meeting a LOT of people and going down a lot of dead end roads first.’ Thnx oceanup.


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