Joe Jonas in ‘Twilight!’

If Joe Jonas was in Twilight


8 Responses

  1. hilarious! I’m glad it’s Rob 🙂

  2. wat does he say after bella says sometimes you speak as if your from another time????

  3. he says “What? ‘Cause I say ‘Per chance’ acasonally?” lol

  4. i love the jonas brothers but if joe was in Twilight i couldn’t watch it sorry but im glad it is Robert Pattinson

  5. Naspa…………..Edward Cullen este mai bun de o mie de ori decat Joe Jonas nu e corect?

  6. hell nooo. that piece of guy can’t take my Edwards place or alse I will kill myself.

  7. haha that was really funny. but i think rob and joe are both gay

  8. that was flipin funny…But I’m still Rob is Edward

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