Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart In Paris For ‘Twilight’ Photocall


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at ‘Twilight’ photocall in Paris on monday. (+1 picture under)



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  1. Kristin Looks so thin!!!!




  2. give me one night with robert pattinson and i could make him fall in love with me 🙂 the things i would do to that boy lol

  3. u no wat mariah u suck and i think robert is the coolest vampires and is so cute

  4. kristen doesnt look so thin and if she did who problem is it ??????not yours so dont worry about !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t like them. They should really stop smoking.

  6. Robert is handsome, as always, and Kristen’s dress is perfect, i loved it.
    and i think Robert should stop smoking too.

  7. kirsten looks slutty in this photo and robert isnt as cute as he is when he plays edward but oh well hez still drop dead gawjuss!!!

    ♥♥♥ him xoxoxo

  8. nossa u robert pattison eh lindo de morrer mais essa zebra ai du lado deli estrago tudo neh…us dois soh ficam bem nu filme crepusculo

  9. English, Juliana, post comments in English. This is not a Portuguese site.

  10. mm!!!

    is !!!


    robert pattinson!!!

  11. i think the look wounderful and they should keep doing what there doing

  12. Robert is awesome!
    I’m worry about it that Kristen said NO to him 😦
    I think Robert is also Cute when he doesn’t play Edward.
    Just SEX ON LEGS 😀
    Awesome! I jJust want to kiss him once!
    I could fall in love with tihs boy if i’m not gonna falling in it 🙂
    Say it…..SAY IT
    Vampire ;…;
    Awesome 🙂

  13. ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…luv me please????…lolx…i wish i can see him && he will spend time wih me…=[..thats my only wish..i really like him…not just bec. his edward…=[…love u ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. everybody think bella beautifull…i think bella delicious anda beautifull…kkkkkkk

  15. Eu axu lindo o Robert pattinson.Ele é muito gato lindo lindo lindo…….♥

  16. Eu nunca tinhavisto um cara tão lindo como o Robert Pattinson..

  17. nossa vc é muito gao meu sonho

  18. acho q os dois até q se combinam, mais prefiro eles em performance de crepusculo!!!!!!

  19. esqci d comentar: o robert pattinson é 1000 vezes lindo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. really i like this photo so much katrin u are so pretty

  21. i love rob, ♥ is so beautiful
    i love twilight

  22. i love this movielove rob and bella.

  23. Can’t wait for new moon to came out!!! robert and Kristen are so awesome together… i agree with Lucci i would totally want him has my Boyfriend!!!

  24. eu tenho a colecçõ inteira dos livros da stephenie meyer! eu sou doida pelo edward e pela bella. eles na vida real sao lindos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amo-os do fundo do coraxao! só queria um autógrafo de todo os que participaram na producção do filme… ainda por xima do jacob… lolx

  25. kristen will look better without u robert

  26. Robert pattinson is very handsome. Kristen steward is very ugly.Mallesef işi gerçeği bu. bide robert bunu sevdiği halde bu gitti hala bu tipsiz michael le çıkıo yha bn ona şaşıyorum. mtv de resmen çocuğu rezil etti. terbiyesiz KRİSTEN steward

  27. omg…kristin’s legs are soo pale…she could use a tan!!

  28. You guys need 2 grow up. There r MILLOINS of people smoking EVERYDAY. I bet some of ur family members even smoke…i DO NOT like smoking, i think it is the worst thing u can do 2 ur lungs. But u dont have 2 say shit about them just bec. they smoke. and so what if Kristine is “skinny” is that a bad thing? at least she is not fat and is going 2 die with heart problems like most fat people do. She may just have a fast matabolisim. I think they r PERFECT for each other, and for rob….he is Sexy.

  29. MILLIONS**

  30. very cute !!!!!!!!!!
    like then!!!!!!
    robsten ‘

  31. they both rock and i hope they totally get married there kids would look so pretty and rob is SO SEXY u girl he good for u

  32. i from turkey . she is so far 18 years old.(kristen) but she is a very big actor. ben onun işini ününü çok kıskanıyorum . fakat kişiliğini nede güzelliğini kıskanıyorum. ben ondan daha gzl hissediyorum keabi oda gzl laf etmem sonucunda yiğidi öldür hakkını yeme demişler

  33. bella and edward are PERFECT for each other.
    kristen and robert ……….not so much

  34. nenaa soos mui fea para el ! jajaj
    robb te amo (L :

  35. Madison, you are so right…Kristen looks rubbish…I mean WTF is wrong with her legs?!? Rob looks ok, apart from those vampire boots…
    But one little tip; don’t marry. !!!

  36. omg…
    fer 1- rob, lose the boots.
    and 2- kristen, really? if ur that white, get a TAN already!!!

    im not trying 2 b a jerk cuz i LUV both uv dem!!!
    i love the movie and cant wait to see new moon!!!!!!!
    and rob…

  37. uasuhaushahsuahsuahs

  38. the british accent makes him muuch moore hottter!!! he is sooo sexy! kristen looks nice too, they rok but not so much as a couple jst as friendzz!

    ❤ u rob!!!

    i know u want me, u know i want ya! LOOL 😛 😛

  39. ola o Robert só fica bem comigo era pra mim ta do lado dele !!!!


  41. bana göre ben şahsım adına konuşmak gerekirse ben kristen stewart tan daha güzel buluyorum o doğal olmadan makyajın verdiği güzellikle bu halde ben ise doğal halimle ama ikiside çıkarsa mutlu olurum ama robertin bu iğrenç zevknden dolayıda ondan nefret ederim neyse ikisinide sevmiyourm

  42. linddooo meu IDOLOO

  43. eles são namorados reais mesmo na vida real??

  44. i love robert pattinson!

  45. Twilight es una burda imitacion de BUFFY CAZAVAMPIROS!Sin duda BUFFY CAZAVAMPIROS es mucho mejor ,ademas Robert Pattinson es feisismo comparado con David Boreanaz (Angel)y Sarah Michelle Gellar tiene mas talento que Kristen Stewart ,por cierto esta embarazada,felicidades! .Lo unico que tienen en comun son los vampiros.

  46. Twilight es una burda imitacion de BUFFY CAZAVAMPIROS!Sin duda BUFFY CAZAVAMPIROS es mucho mejor ,ademas Robert Pattinson es feisismo comparado con David Boreanaz (Angel)y Sarah Michelle Gellar tiene mas talento que Kristen Stewart ,por cierto esta embarazada,felicidades! .Lo unico que tienen en comun son los vampiros.I hate twilight ,i love BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

  47. Aii meu Deus , num seii neiim oqe faalar ‘
    Amoo muiito u Robert Pettinson , elle éh muiitoo Liindoo (!

    Ameii o filme Crepusculo qe elle feez *.*


  48. Twilight is cool!!! Don’t be envious of.

  49. de both jst ROCKKKK!!!

  50. sois los mejores os amo sobretodo a (eduard cullen y bella swan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! estais super buenooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooossss

  51. I love Robert Pattinson, once I had a dream of him but he dissapeared in just one eye blink. I was so sad. Kristen looks very beautiful she is so lucky to have Robert to hold!

  52. they look good together,if they were in love i hope they just be happy .their great acters i wish u bouth all the luck.

  53. I am from Albania.
    I love robert pattinson. This picture is great.

  54. Kirsten i would love it if u could hook me up with producers. I was asked to audition to be in the 3rd twilight movie!! It would be sooooo cool if i was in a moie with you, robert,taylor,a nd everyone else!!

  55. mio dio edward e trp figooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo e belle e molto bella hih,,,,voglio fidanzarmi cn te edward

  56. aqi nadie habla españool?
    yo hablo un poco inglees pero no mucho

    hey guys! i am from Chile.
    i think that Robrt Pattinson is very hot!
    and OMG! he is assom!

    love you robert!


  57. WOW they really dazzled me.. that dress totally perfect

  58. its really good specialy robert pattinsoon

  59. youer so hot . i love youer twlight.websites . and books. p.s

  60. i am in love with her dress, if anyone knows where its from could you let me know? search TASHA JONES on facebook and i have a picture of me and my boyfriend as my default.
    alternatively my myspace is

  61. Robert very sweet

  62. i love twilght saga the books espesily but the actress
    and actres are not that great ,only jacob

  63. niente di speciale tutti e due……….

  64. Kristen looks very sexy they are fantastic couple and i love twilight and them profomance

  65. i love twilight ,Kristen and Robert are perfect))))))))

  66. omg robert pattinson and kristen stewart are such a hot couple i hope they get married even though i secretly wish i could marry rob

    i loooove u R-PATZ

  67. kristen omg that dress looks beautiful on you and you lucky to have such a sexy man (rob yes u)holding you and rob u r so drool worthy oh and the pics are awesome keep em coming

    love ya mwah

  68. only the movie twilight is the best, no is there how this and robert pattinson is a boy very amezing in all the world..
    i love you Robert pattinson or Edward Cullen i love you..
    are the best of world

    now in spanish te amo te amo te amo nunca cambies eres lo mejor del mundo en actuacion bueno en todo vales millllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!

  69. i love them ii love kristen and robert
    they are a dream pair and i have birthday on the same day when robert have: on the 13.May but i am 18 and he is 23
    i love bella and edward
    kristen and robert 4 ever

  70. hi mmm
    i tingh that Alice,Eduard,Bela,Rosalin,jessy,and all the vampiresand charlie and all of the movie act so so good the movie are so good bye

  71. mmmmm robert and kristen you make a good partner

  72. iiiottttttttpppppppppppppp

  73. hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  74. espero k ya salga eclipce m muero x verlay k eduwar combierta a bella en bampira y tengan ijos y

  75. i am from iran

    they both are good actor and actress … together they match on screen …… great chemistry between them..

    it is a love story …….

  76. ROB AND KRISTEN ARE THE MOST CUTEST AND SEXIEST COUPLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They look sooooooooooo AWESOME and SWEET
    together!!!!!!!!! I think they are made for each other!!!!!!!!!!
    Kristen is so lucky to have a boyfriend like Rob!!
    He is ‘THE MOST HANDSOMEST AND CUTEST GUY ON THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I luv u Rob. I luv u, I luv u,I luv u,I luv u soooooooooooo

  77. robert is cute and kristen is lovely.the most sweetest couple that I ever seen,I love robert when he is a vampire!:-*
    I’m from iran.
    they are awesome!

  78. ı love you .

  79. robert i love u

  80. robert i love you…………………
    i wish i could meet u once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love twilight so much. its thhe best thing in the world and I think R.T.P(Robert Thomas Pattinson) is so HOT.
    I like jakob (only with no shert on) and well twilight is my life. every one at uni knows me as the twilight freek. and I have the movie ROBSESSED cos that it what I am!

    now I have a question for you, how many awesme things about twilight can you name?

    I am trying to get 1000 awesme things about twilight,new moon,eclipe and breaking dawn and would love you to help.
    hear is one to start you of with:

    I LOVE YOU R.T.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. i LOVE YOU KRISTEN………..SO MUCH…………….<3<3


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