Forbes’ Breakout Stars of 2008!

jonas-brothers-breakout-stars just released their list of the Breakout Stars of 2008. Guess who topped the list?

The Jonas Brothers of course! Last year, the Jonas Brothers–Nick, Joe and Kevin–were merely an opening act for Disney sensation Miley Cyrus. Fast forward a year and now they are the Disney sensation. Over the course of the year, they scored starring roles in the Disney Channel flick Camp Rock, released a chart-topping album A Little Bit Longer and hit the road for a sold-out concert tour. Next up, a 3-D concert movie, a Disney Channel series and many more swooning girls.

David Archuleta came in at #2 with David Cook, Robert Pattinson at #5, Demi Lovato at #6, and Selena Gomez at #7!


3 Responses

  1. I love the picher of the jonas brothers .

  2. actually i love joe but in this pic nick is the best

  3. there all UGLY joes the only one halfway decent

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