Robert Pattinson Private Facebook Hacked?


Robert Pattinson‘s rumored Facebook page has been hacked, according to Gawker. Check out all of the screenshots under. His account is reportedly under the alias of Randle Patrick McMurphy. Thnx oceanup.

Do you think its real?





8 Responses

  1. its not real i´m member on facebook and i know it´s not real

  2. that was stupid anybady could have made that up

  3. that was stupid anybody could have made that up

  4. that is really stupid i swear people could be so rediculous! if u see real close in the picture of supposably Robert it looks like it is a tatoo. and he doesnt have tatoos. this people are probably bored with their lives they have to go into others. THIS IS SO FAKE. click on Gawker on the paragaph ontop of the picture of the facebook and there are more reasons why this is totally fake.

  5. this is so fake “any body could have made those messages” probably just some jelous guys that are peeved at their girlfriends for drooling over some pictures in a magazine kinda like me lol.and tobert pattinson isnt a dork like he says “yankee asses”and jis just so out in the open about being an alchoholic.oh yaeh and he wouldnt hang out with pplz named piers and claude eitheri mean the guy can take care of his own biusnes with kristens bf dont be such TEENAGERS coming frum a teenager herself

  6. people the facebook is real and i always email my best friend robert but than i realized it wasn’t him emailing me alot and i know you guys dont like me cause i asked him this /get kristen yet / but just leave robert alone.

  7. did you know robert pattinson has a little tiny tattoo on his back i know this cause i saw it in a photo shoot and when he turned around i saw the tattoo also he has a six pack i love his accent its so sexy lol

  8. i know who hacked into his facebook but i wont tell the name it was the same person who hacked into midnight sun

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