Robert Pattinson: ‘Do You Want To Come Home With Me?’


Robert Pattinson says he is completely baffled by his fans’ fascination with him and feels guilty that he can’t offer anything in return. The Twilight star – whose role in the film has catapulted him to stardom – told a GMTV, the UK TV show, that he simply doesn’t get the hysteria surrounding the fantasy film.

Robert told GMTV, “I read the book and the whole series and I can understand they’re very addictive but seeing the extent to which some people are just obsessed.”

“I mean people yesterday at the premiere, some were like ‘I’ve come from Brazil just to stand here for the premiere’.”

And the intensity surrounding Robert as an actor is even more bewildering to the young star.

He adds, “I used to get so stressed out because people are screaming at you. And you just think ‘What do I have to do? I cant give anything back to you at all.’”

“Literally, I’m like ‘Do you wanna come home with me?’ Please don’t answer that! I’m just saying it to be nice!”


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